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PSA: Battlefield Beta Phishing

Battlefield 1 is making big headlines and with E3 just days away, it only makes sense that some unscrupulous individuals are piggybacking on the hype to defraud users. According to reports popping up, the URL has popped up, among others, with fake signup links that steal your EA username and password. MMO Fallout traced […]


Bags Are Bind On Equip In Neverwinter

As part of an effort to curb damage from account theft, Neverwinter bags are being made bind-on-equip. The update took place during today’s maintenance and includes the greater elven silken bag, bag of holding, and greater bag of holding. The update also adds a runic bag of holding: Over the course of our game, we […]

[Community] Guild Wars 2 Authorized Logins

This week’s Community Concerns is all about Guild Wars 2, primarily questions about emails you may have received from ArenaNet regarding attempts to access your account. Guild Wars 2 utilizes a security method of email authentication whenever you attempt to log in from a new computer. Aside from being an excellent incentive to keep your […]