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Pirates of the Caribbean Online Revived by Fans

It’s hard to speak negatively about private server operators sometimes. After all, for every guy who runs a World of Warcraft server because he think it’ll be a good way to make some money, there’s another guy who simply wants to play his favorite MMO again. It’s rather depressing when a company chooses not only […]


Disney Shutting Down Its Less Popular MMOs

Disney appears to be cleaning house with some of their less popular MMOs. The company announced today that both Toontown and Pirates of the Caribbean Online will be shutting down on September 19th, just a month away. Both games have already stopped accepting payments and have opened their doors to be played for free until […]

Players Petition To Revive Pirates Of The Caribbean Online

Pirates of the Caribbean Online is one of those titles that has so far eluded the MMO Fallout radar. Surprising, considering the game predates this website by quite a bit. POTCO, as it is called, was released in 2007 by Disney Interactive Media Group, and while the game hasn’t exactly skyrocketed to a massive audience, […]