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Bad Press: The Internet Falls For Another Con Artist [Fortnite Edition]

The internet has a such a vibrant imagination. For those of you healthy adults who don’t follow Fortnite news, Epic yesterday was accused of stealing artwork and using it as a cosmetic costume in their battle royale shooter. The tweet highlighting the claim showcased a Deviant Art user’s creation submitted September 2018 compared to the […]

Yanked PUBG Ad Is Basically Plagiarized From Community Artwork

The above photo is an Xbox One ad concept created by Reddit user Macsterr and posted on PUBG’s subreddit about a month ago. This image may look familiar if you follow Xbox on Twitter because someone from the company saw the concept and apparently loved it enough to create official advertising that you might refer […]

The Takedown of Orion: Answering The Call of Duty

Orion developer David James is threatening a counter-suit after a DMCA takedown notice from Activision resulted in Orion being removed from sale on Steam during one of the larger sales of the year. The takedown notice alleges that Orion stole assets from Call of Duty: Black Ops III and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. James […]

Star Vault Crosses Games: Bans Mortal Online Rulebreakers In Eve Online?

The above is a screenshot of the Mortal Online terms of service. You’ll notice that failure to abide by the rules presented in the terms of service (not pictured) will not entitle you to a refund for any fees paid for the use of the Eve Online client, servers, or website, and you will forfeit […]

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