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Daybreak Alters Planetside Arena Launch Plans, Hitting Playstation 4

Daybreak’s upcoming spinoff Planetside Arena is changing course. Somewhat. In an announcement posted on the official website this week, Daybreak thanked its closed beta testers for their invaluable feedback, and announced that after much consideration the PC-only release will be postponed. The good news is that this delay is to make way for the Playstation […]

[Video] Daybreak Game Company Discusses Weapons/Vehicles In Planetside Arena

A new video has released for the upcoming Battle Royale shooter Planetside Arena showcasing weapons and vehicles that will be available to players when the game launches on January 29. Senior Artist Chris Bishop and Senior Game Designer Troy Schram showcase weapons and upgrades as well as mobility and the role of vehicles. Planetside Arena […]

[Video] Planetside Arena Shows Off Classes

Today’s video comes to us from Daybreak Game Company showing off the three classes in Planetside Arena. Planetside Arena is a battle royale spinoff taking place years after the war in Planetside 2 ends, when factions dissolve and the only people left are mercenaries. Check it out this January on Steam.

Daybreak Game Company Announces Planetside Arena

Daybreak Game Company today finally unveiled their next title: Planetside Arena. Set to launch in early 2019, Planetside Arena is a massive-scale sci-fi arena FPS set in the Planetside universe. Arena will launch with three battle royale modes in season one: A 250 vs 250 player experience titled Massive Clash with solo and team modes. […]

2016 In Review: The Games We Lost

2016, like any year, marked the sunsetting of multiple online games, some of which we’ve already forgotten about thanks to the release of big name titles and updates to those games that we are spending too much time playing. Sure, sure, that Shantae port on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 got cancelled, can someone tell […]

Planetside Shutting Down July 1st

April and May were really exciting months for us with the release of the new Construction System, base revamp of Indar, and new population caps to improve battle flow. It’s been exciting to watch all of you experiment with base design and shift battles in new directions. A big thanks to all of you who […]

SOE Releases Revised List

Ask and you shall receive. Owing the massive amount of feedback regarding SOE’s recently announced changes, John Smedley has posted a revised list of coming changes to Sony All Access. In short, the “pick an item” system won’t be coming, however players will be forced to claim the stipend monthly. We’re lowering the price of […]

Taco Tuesday: How Will Planetside Manage Cheaters?

Last year I asked John Smedley if Planetside would be shutting down with Planetside 2 releasing, since Planetside was already dead in the water in terms of population. The response I received was that Sony would rather seek options including transforming Planetside into the free to play model before they shut the servers down, and […]

Planetside 2 Roadmap Outlines Six Months

I know what you’re thinking. Given the MMO industry is addicted to launch delays like they are crack, what could possibly be interesting about yet another roadmap being released? Well, Planetside 2’s roadmap (assuming you can convince it to load) is a bit different than those you’ve seen in the past. Released just recently by […]

Taco Tuesday: If I Could Turn Back TIme

It is Tuesday and that can only mean one thing. I am either neglecting my patients for the delicious meat-stuffed corn tortillas down in the cafeteria. One of the greatest, or perhaps the greatest, fifty two days of the year. Taco Tuesday is where we get together to reminisce, throw together new ideas, or even […]

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