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DC Universe Online Shutting Down (On Playstation 3) In January

Daybreak Game Company has announced that support for DC Universe Online will sunset on January 31, 2018. The entire announcement is below. We are writing today to inform you that after many years of supporting DC Universe Online (DCUO) on PlayStation 3, we will officially shut down PlayStation 3 support on January 31st, 2018. In order […]


FFXIV Drops 90 Day Subscriptions For PS3

We all know that the days of Final Fantasy XIV are coming to an end so far as the Playstation 3 is concerned. With less than 90 days on the radar coming up, it makes sense that Square Enix would stop selling 90 day subscription cards, which they plan on doing after March 18. Furthermore, […]

DC Universe Can’t Wait To Ditch The PS3

The PlayStation 4 is coming out soon and no one could be happier than the DC Universe Online team at Sony Online Entertainment. Don’t get them wrong, the current generation of Sony’s console hardware is nice enough, but with what is effectively a 220mb system the team is dealing with rather tight constraints. The unfortunate […]

DUST514 Sutures Itself To Eve Online Slightly More

Good news everyone! As the DUST 514 beta continues trucking along its path towards release, CCP has added regular updates to bring the Playstation 3 shooter closer together with its older PC sci-fi MMO brother. With the release of Codex, the latest major update to the MMOFPS, players in both games will now find their […]

DUST 514 Not Impeded By Sony Certification, Says CCP

Being an MMOFPS, the idea that CCP is releasing DUST 514 on the Playstation 3 understandably has some users worried. How would an ever-expanding and changing world react on a console where updates are notoriously held up in Sony’s certification system? CCP Senior Producer Jon Lander wants you to know that Sony’s certification will not be a […]

DUST 514 Drops Cover Charge, Fully Free To Play

DUST 514 is set to release this summer on the Playstation 3, and last year CEO Hilmar Veigar made an interesting comment to Games Industry that the downloadable title would be free to play, but carry a cover charge that would be reimbursed via in-game currency. “You’re really getting the game for free but you […]

Final Fantasy XI On PS3: Extra 9 Gigabytes of Space

Bad news, Playstation 3 users: You’re going to have to make more space on that hard drive for Final Fantasy XI. Square Enix has announced that in February, a patch will be added to Final Fantasy XI that will require more hard drive space on the Playstation 3, but only on specific models. The models […]

Games To Look Out For: CCP Edition

Even if you hate CCP, even if you have no interest in Eve Online or DUST 514, you have to admit that the very concept of an space ship MMO on the PC interacting in real time with a first person shooter on the Playstation 3 is astounding and exciting. DUST is expected to release […]

Hush Now: Sony Is About To Speak

I know Sony likes to use the Sony Fan Faire in August to promote their MMOs, but the Sony press conference for E3 is about to start, and hopefully the company will shed some light on their current status. I’m looking forward to news about Everquest Next, Planetside Next, and a few of Sony’s other […]

Point For PC MMOs: Xbox Live to Shut Down

Meridian 59 is acclaimed as the first MMORPG, following a long line of Multi-User-Dungeons (MUDs) and paving the way for Ultima Online to come in and steal the show only to give way to Everquest, and eventually World of Warcraft. Despite a fifteen year timeline, these titles are still up and running to this day, […]