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Menaphos Expansion Will Be RuneScape’s One and Only

Menaphos was meant to be the first RuneScape expansion, big content packages dropped on players every three months introducing new mechanics, new areas, and new quest lines. By estimations, the second expansion should be on its way for a September release, however recent news has revealed that Jagex is scrapping the development style after one […]


Guild Wars 2: World V World Poll Now Available

Should the Desert borderlands be removed from Guild Wars 2 World vs World? The team at Arenanet is holding a community poll and wants your opinion on whether or not the changes would provide a superior play experience. Players can log in and vote at the link below. Vote here.

Guild Wars 2 Polling WvW Content

How should Arenanet prioritize world vs world content? They want to know, and they’d like you to tell them. In a post on the official website, players have been invited to vote on which project the team will work on next. The polls are open until May 4th. (Source: Guild Wars 2)

Daybreak Ignores Everquest Ragefire Vote

When it comes to Everquest and time-locked servers, polls ensure that the servers only progress as fast at the community wants them to. For Ragefire/Lockjaw, the latest set of progression servers, players voted┬áby a very large percentage in order to keep the servers as they are for another six months, with the second most popular […]

Old School Resizable Mode Passes With 95%

Old School RuneScape’s latest poll doesn’t finish for another couple of days, but the figures are pretty much locked in. Chief among the long list of questions is whether or not players would like to see a resizable mode added. 95% of respondents (over 45 thousand) said yes, with a toggle to turn the feature […]

Old School Community Approves Grand Exchange

The Old School community has officially approved the implementation of a grand exchange auction house. The poll, which received over seventy two thousand votes, was approved with 76% and will be tweaked in another upcoming poll to decide just how the feature will function. Players also approved dragon daggers, an increase in bank slots, and […]

Old School RuneScape Polling Grand Exchange

Does the Old School RuneScape community want a Grand Exchange? We’re about to find out, as Jagex is gearing up to poll the feature in the next week. If it is voted in, the grand exchange will replace the current trading post where players can place offers on items but need to meet up in […]

Old School RuneScape Polls Integrity Issues

How do you tackle issues of player integrity in a game where everything is voted on? You poll it, of course! The latest poll to hit Old School RuneScape deals with the issue of player activity and whether or not Jagex should deal with some less scrupulous, even if not exactly evil, behavior. Players are […]

Rolling Back Evolution of Combat: One Patch at a Time

Fundamentally changing an MMO’s combat system post-launch is a daunting and risky task. As much as there is the opportunity to bring in new customers and reinvigorate the old, a game also stands to alienate its existing user base. Like it or not, people are generally averse to change, especially when it comes in one […]

[Community] RuneScape Prestige Mode Rejected

  How violently can a person say no? RuneScape is a grinder’s game, there are over twenty five skills all of which require more than thirteen million experience in order to hit level 99, and one which goes further up to level 120. As far as even MMOs go, RuneScape takes a long time to […]