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League of Legends Team Owner Arrested On Fraud Charges

Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO and League of Legends team owner Martin Shkreli was arrested today on charges of securities fraud and corruption. According to Bloomberg, Shkreli is accused of using money illegally from his company Retrophin in order to pay off debts incurred by a separate company.¬†Shkreli made a name for himself as the poster boy […]


Stargate Worlds Just Can’t Die, Yet Another Lawsuit

Some of you may remember the Ponzi scheme that Stargate Worlds and MMOGuls allegedly turned out to be. I do, and I distinctly apologize to my editor for forgetting that I had duct taped and locked you in the basement, but then again that is what happens when you interrupt my Diablo 3 time to […]

A Downward Spiral Does Not Mean Death.

I like to take some time every now and then to detail certain parts of MMO Fallout, usually terms and expressions I use, that generates the most feedback from fans. More recently, I’ve had a few questions about my consistently ending certain product articles (Star Wars Galaxies, Age of Conan, Planetside, and several others) with […]