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Shroud of the Avatar Partners With Travian Games

Richard Garriot and Portalarium have announced a partnership with German developer/publisher Travian Games to bring Shroud of the Avatar worldwide. The partnership, announced today via press release, will bring the title to Europe, South America, Central America, the Middle East, and North Africa. “We were looking to for the best upcoming MMORPGs in our industry […]


Beta Perspective: Criticism of the Avatar

Shroud of the Avatar starts you out as the corporeal form of the Avatar, an individual who has been summoned to Brittania time and time again to save the world from impending destruction. You meet with Lady British, who tells you that even her husband has returned to deal with evil forces threatening the land. […]

Shroud of the Avatar Begins Anew: Final Wipe Today

Shroud of the Avatar is officially in the phase of launch where the game isn’t officially released but the cash shop has been open for a while and characters are no longer being wiped, or sufficient enough to review as we like to think of it. Following yesterday’s telethon, the Portalarium crew managed to rake […]

Shroud of the Avatar Community Wants Free Offline Access To Perks

What do you do when your game sells items for real money but also includes a separate offline mode that can’t reasonably be regulated by the developer? For Shroud of the Avatar, the folks at Portalarium figures that no matter what their stance on the issue, there is little doubt that hackers will figure out […]

Shroud of the Avatar Update 15 Upgrades UNITY Engine

Shroud of the Avatar update 15 is here, and Portalarium has revealed that the Ultima-inspired MMO is now running on the latest UNITY engine. The update sets the stand for improving optimization and visual quality, however the patch notes that performance may drop on older machines until some of the new systems can be put […]

MMOrning Shots: Shroud of the Avatars

Today’s MMOrning Shot comes to us from Portalarium, showcasing the latest update to the Shroud of the Avatar playable build. Release phase three introduces multiplayer and its associated functions (chat, friends, ignore, etc) as well as a number of improvements to crafting, housing, performance, and more. Servers for release phase 3 are up from February […]

And the Reveal is…

The day is here and the time has come! Richard Garriot’s newest game has been revealed: Shroud of the Avatar. Developed by Portalarium, Shroud of the Avatar is an upcoming RPG focusing not on level grinding but on role playing. Shroud of the Avatar looks to include many features that made Ultima Online great, including […]

Portalarium Gearing Up To Release Ultimate Collector

Richard Garriot is a topic of which I tend to butt heads with the community here at MMO Fallout, generally due to the poor handling of Tabula Rasa and Garriot’s departure from Ultima Online. More recently, Garriot set his sights on social networking with the announcement of Portalarium, which Garriot himself described in 2010 as: […]