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Germany Outlaws Pre-Orders With Vague Release Dates

In the gaming industry, it’s become increasingly common for retailers to offer pre-orders earlier and earlier into a game’s development, promising vague release dates like “coming soon” or “spring 2019.” If you’re in Germany, this won’t be an issue moving forward, as the Higher Regional Court of Munich has ruled that such tactics are illegal. […]


Pre-Order Nick Fury on Marvel Heroes, Take 10% Off

Nick Fury is the next hero to come to Marvel Heroes, and by pre-ordering him now you can get his pack for 10% off. The pack unlocks Nick Fury, two costumes, a hero stash, six fortune cards, and two experience potions. Pre-order Nick Fury today, and get 10% off his Hero Pack! Prepare for Nick […]

Pre-Order FFXIV: Stormblood Today

Final Fantasy XIV’s next expansion is nearly among us, so long as you don’t count June 20th as too far in the future, but you can make that time go by faster by pre-ordering your copy on PC or Playstation 4. In fact, pre-ordering will make it come faster, since Square Enix is offering a […]

Destiny Most Pre-Ordered New IP

While much of the world waits in anticipation for Destiny, Activision is already showing off their trophies. In a statement released today, Activision has declared Destiny as the most pre-ordered new IP in history. Exact numbers have not been detailed, but we know that the game has had a massive response with 4.6 million users […]

Destiny Beta July 17th

With the launch of Destiny months away, Bungie has revealed more information regarding upcoming betas and content releases. Destiny’s next beta event will go live on July 17th for Playstation 4 and Playstation 3 owners, with the Xbox One and 360 following on July 23rd. Servers will go offline between the 21st and 22nd for […]

Top 5: Worst Reasons To Pre-Order

Today marks the return of the Thursday Top 5 List, and this week I want to talk about pre-order incentives. There are many reasons to pre-order a video game, but not all of them are equally valid. As a matter of fact, a lot of them are either functionally useless or counterproductive. This isn’t to […]

Neverwinter Presents $200 Exclusive Race

Those of you who played Star Trek Universe may remember the controversy that Cryptic Studios caused by encouraging players to purchase multiple copies of the game in order to take advantage of the retailer-specific cosmetic items upon launch. If you wanted to get your hands on the Next Generation Enterprise, as well as an adorable […]