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EA Stock Capsizes After Early Year Recovery

Electronic Arts closed on February 6, 2019 at the price of $80.21 USD following news that the publisher’s third quarter fiscal results did not perform to its expectations. The continued price drop threatens to wipe out the progress that EA had made in the first month of the year to begin recovery after its stock […]

Activision Blizzard Terminates Its CFO, Netflix Poaches Him

As the year comes to a close, Activision Blizzard is making headlines with their announcement that it intends on terminating Chief Financial Officer Spencer Neumann for “cause unrelated to the company’s financial reporting or disclosure controls and procedures.” Mr. Neumann has not officially been terminated and has been offered the opportunity to demonstrate why cause […]

Retailer Matchup: Redbox Vs Gamestop

Redbox kiosks have become the new Blockbuster in the United States, with kiosks going up all over the place and the company’s strategic planning to stick this brand wherever you might shop, be it your local grocery store, pharmacy, or mall. While similar to Blockbuster in its habit of not having the Blu-Ray copy of […]

Hearthstone Tells Non-Americans To Pay Up: How Prices Are Changing Worldwide

The Hearthstone community is responding with frustration as Blizzard announced that the price of card packs in countries that are not America are set to rise, some as high as 30%. Announced via the Hearthstone forums, one can find a list of new prices set to go into effect on March 22 in countries all over […]

Blade & Soul Is Getting More Expensive

Blade & Soul is about to get more expensive for European users, as NCSoft has announced price hikes coming to those who pay via Euro and British Pound. Beginning June 1st, prices for premium membership will increase for parity with the in-game Hongmoon store, according to NCSoft. New prices will start out at €11.99 and £9.59 for […]

Black Desert Online Reduces Costume Prices 10% is reporting that costume prices in Black Desert Online will be reduced by 10% in response to community criticism over high prices. Currently in beta, Daum Games has taken heavy backlash on its forums over the perception that its prices for cash shop items were too high, with costumes going for as much as $32. According […]

Australia To See 10% Price Hike On Steam

A 10% price hike on Steam games sold in Australia is all but confirmed, as reported by PC Gamer. As some outlets have been covering, the 2015 Australian budget will include a tax on intangible imported goods, the goal being to apply the GST (Goods and Services Tax) that had not been collected due to […]

RuneScape Subscription Price Increase in 2015

Jagex has announced today that 2015 will see an increase in the price of RuneScape’s subscription. While the new price and date have not been finalized, current subscribers can rest easily knowing that your rate will be grandfathered in at the usual rule: As long as it doesn’t lapse for more than 14 days. Additionally, […]

Neverwinter Permanently Drops Prices

Over at Neverwinter, prices are falling faster than snowflakes on something that repels snowflakes, I am not very good with analogies. What I can tell you is that companions are currently on sale for 60% off until December 30th, after which the deal will be almost as sweet. When the sale does end on Monday, […]

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