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Perfect World Entertainment Posts Strong Growth

Perfect World Entertainment has posted their most recent quarterly income, showing a strong growth in the first quarter of 2014 despite lowered promotional activity. Revenue for the international publisher amounted to $124 million, down 2.5% from the previous quarter but going along overall with a 44% annual growth. The mobile sector of Perfect World Entertainment […]


70,000 Copies of The Secret World Sold Since Buy To Play

Alright, so first the bad news. Funcom has released a brand new press release where they discuss that the company will be undergoing some continued restructuring. Costs will be reduced through the closure and consolidation of offices to create a more unified organization. The goal is to use Funcom’s new streamlined technology to better serve […]

Mortal Online Q1 2012: Sales Up, Mortal Online on “Major Gaming Platforms”

More news from the Star Vault…vault. The financial details for Star Vault’s first quarter have been released, and it appears the trend may finally break. Back in February, Henrik Nystrom announced a 50% increase in sales and an 80% increase in user activity. During the 2011 interim report, Star Vault revised its projection of breaking […]

Jagex: Profits And Investors, Not Doing A Crap Job

RuneScape’s roots go back ten years, to 2001 where the game was a simple at home project by Andrew Gower. With the Gowers now mostly absent (they resigned from the Board of Directors in December 2010), the torch has been passed to Mark Gerhard to keep the developer moving in its upward trend. Granted, Jagex […]

NCsoft Q1 2011 Finances In: Profits Up!

It’s that time of the year already, the first quarter financial reports are starting to stream in. Last year wasn’t so great for NCsoft, considering they lost a $28 million lawsuit against Richard Garriot. Sales of Aion, Lineage, and City of Heroes went down, while Lineage 2, Guild Wars, and NCsoft’s other titles saw a […]

WoW: Microtransactions Make Up For Lost Subscriptions

Well, it’s May, and that can only mean Q1 financial are up, and there are many calls to be made. Who better to run through for this article than Blizzard? I mean, they’re name is on the banner image. First, the bad news. The subscription numbers for World of Warcraft have dropped back to pre-Cataclysm […]

Unsurprisingly: NCsoft Record Profits

If MMO Fallout were a physical entity, I’d have a lot more fun searching through its records, what with the shelves of documents and that ladder on wheels I’d get to ride around. Going back to the earlier days of Aion’s coverage, I discovered an announcement that the MMO had hit the three hundred thousand […]