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Project Gorgon Going Again For Kickstarter Gold

It’s been a while since we last heard from Project Gorgon, coming up short of its $100k Kickstarter goal. Later on last year, the game was successfully approved by Steam Greenlight voters, securing it a spot on the digital platform. Since then it’s been pretty quiet as far as updates go. Project creator Eric Heimburg […]


Project Gorgon Successfully Greenlit

Following its unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign, Project Gorgon has been successfully greenlit for release on Steam. There’s a lot of work to get the game Steam-ready, and I don’t know the exact timeline yet, but the hard part was getting Greenlit. You can currently play an early build of Project Gorgon at the official website. (Source: […]

Alpha Matter: Project Gorgon

  “In this particular dungeon, there is a boss that can turn you into a cow.” All I need to hear, game of the year every year! My first moment of experience with booting up the Project Gorgon early alpha was reading a note warning me that bosses in the game can inflict curses upon […]

Project Gorgon Makes Another Kickstarter Run

Project Gorgon is a fantasy MMO set to launch on PC, Mac, and eventually Linux. You may remember the game from its previous attempt at Kickstarter, at which developer Eric Heimburg (who worked on both Asheron’s Calls and the never-surfaced Star Trek Online by Perpetual Entertainment) missed a goal of $55 thousand. Heimburg’s wife, Sandra […]

Kickstarter Updates: Old And New

1. SideQuest: Unfunded If SideQuest does end up being funded successfully, I will gladly tip my hat and sell MMO Fallout to the highest bidder (minimum bid starts at $400,000), but with fifty hours left to go as of this publishing and only sixteen hundred collected of the ten thousand required, the prospects are looking […]