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John Smedley Discusses The Future Of Planetside 2

While consumer confidence is still pretty shaky for Daybreak Game Studio, John Smedley has once again taken to Reddit to assure fans that, no, this is not the end. For Planetside 2, the team intends on working on the meta-game, the “why are we fighting” question that so far hasn’t had much of an answer […]


Is FFXI Going To Start Phasing Out The PS2? No Expansion Outside Japan

The recent announcement of a new boxed expansions for Final Fantasy XI brought a swell of joy from the aging MMO’s community. Except for the Playstation 2 community, because earlier today Square Enix clarified on the announcement to point out that Seekers of Adoulin will not be releasing on the Playstation 2 outside of Japan, […]

Stream Of Thoughts: Everquest Online Adventures

I’ve never had an opportunity to play Everquest Online Adventures on the Playstation 2. Released in 2003, Everquest Online Adventures was one of the first MMOs to hit the consoles, and reportedly still has a rather healthy community to this day. For the fact that the game hasn’t been sold in brick and mortar stores […]

Phantasy Star Universe to Shut Down: Update Time!

Good news, Phantasy Star Universe! The long-awaited MAG+ update will be going live January 29th and will be running through March 12th. This event brings players together to compete for prizes, medals, and more, offering current subscribers on the Xbox360 to enjoy the rewards for plenty of time to come.┬áMAG+, or MAXIMUM ATTACK G+ as […]