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Perfect World Sunsets Neverwinter/Star Trek Foundry Systems

The Foundry has always been an interesting part of Neverwinter and Star Trek Online, the feature allowed players in both games to create custom missions and add their own spin on to the stories. Over the years, the Foundry has been subject to balancing by Perfect World to prevent players from abusing the system to […]

Star Trek Online: Season 12 Hits Consoles

Perfect World Entertainment has released Season 12 of Star Trek Online: Reckoning for Xbox One and Playstation 4. The update introduces players to a dangerous new race, the Tzenkethi. Season 12 – Reckoning continues the mission from the last major expansion to release on consoles, Agents of Yesterday. Captains have discovered an abandoned space station […]

Perfect World Announces Driftwood Tavern Livestreams

Perfect World Entertainment has announced a new fireside chat for Neverwinter called the Driftwood Tavern. Set to stream every two weeks on Friday, the first stream will be live on Twitch on April 14th to discuss updates, hand out prizes, and more. The developers over at Perfect World Entertainment regularly publish developer blogs on various […]

Get Free Zen By Using The Arc Client

Arc is Perfect World Entertainment’s answer to Steam, given that it houses their library in an easy to use package and also acts as a conduit through which money flows and goods are redeemed. With Arc 3.0, the next major update to the client, PWE is looking to change the way you log in and […]

Neverwinter: The Maze Engine Hits March 15th

Mark your calendars and prepare to call in sick, because March 15th marks the official launch date of Neverwinter’s next module, The Maze Engine. The update brings a plethora of new content and changes to existing features, including the return of dungeons and major tweaks to the mount system. Players who are interested in checking […]

Mac Gamers Are Seeing More Titles Cancelled

Perfect World Entertainment has joined a list of companies that are pulling out of the Mac gaming scene, with the announcement that Star Trek Online’s Mac client is being discontinued. The client has had numerous issues in the past, and while many of those problems have been fixed, the ongoing support requirements have ultimately lead […]

Neverwinter Getting Four Expansions on Xbox Next Month

When Neverwinter launched on the Xbox One, it did so with the promise that while most expansion content would not be available at launch, that it would be pretty soon after. In a press release sent out today, Perfect World Entertainment has announced the impending release of the four missing expansions: Curse of Icewind Dale, […]

Perfect World Entertainment Is Going Private

Perfect World Entertainment has announced that it is going private. In an announcement posted to investors earlier this week, Perfect World will merge with parent company Perfect Peony Holding Company Limited, a limited liability corporation located in the Cayman Islands and owned by Mr. Michael Yufeng Chi. The acquisition will take place to the tune of $900 […]

Perfect World Consolidating Forums

On May 4th, Perfect World Entertainment will merge all forums into a single location. The changeover affects all games in Perfect World’s library except for those that are already on the new system (APB, Swordsman, etc). If you only play one of our games, this migration will positively affect you as well. Beforehand, we were […]

Neverwinter Disables Free Gift Promotion Temporarily

Perfect World Entertainment has temporarily halted an email promotion after players began using it in an unexpected manner. As part of the event, Neverwinter distributed a single code that granted one code with a chance to win random goods including elemental companions. Players soon realized that the items were not account bound, allowing them to set […]

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