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Neverwinter Details Elemental Evil Changes

With the Elemental Evil module just weeks away, Perfect World Entertainment is busy getting players prepared for upcoming changes. With the new level cap comes better gear, more powerful artifacts, and higher quality refinement items. Elemental Evil will also usher in the change from Gear Score to Item Level. Item Level will be the new […]


Perfect World Q3 2014 Finances

Perfect World International has released their third quarter finances for 2014, and the results are bound to be interesting. For the quarter, the developer/publisher reported a 5% increase in revenue to $158.7 million USD, although gross profit decreased slightly from the same time last quarter, and the company posted an operating loss of $3.8 million. […]

Become Dragonborn in Neverwinter

Neverwinter’s Module 4: Tyranny of the Dragons is set to launch on August 14th, but Perfect World Entertainment has been filling that time by slowly revealing what is to come. We learned last week that the next class to be released is the Scourge Warlock. In a news post released today, Neverwinter has revealed that […]

Perfect World Entertainment Posts Strong Growth

Perfect World Entertainment has posted their most recent quarterly income, showing a strong growth in the first quarter of 2014 despite lowered promotional activity. Revenue for the international publisher amounted to $124 million, down 2.5% from the previous quarter but going along overall with a 44% annual growth. The mobile sector of Perfect World Entertainment […]

Design A Costume In Champions Online

Do you have a great idea for a costume? Want to see that costume available in Champions Online for others to enjoy? Cryptic Studios has announced a costume design contest where one winner will see their creation available for purchase within the Champions Online cash shop. Throughout the next few weeks players can submit their […]

Neverwinter Expansion Coming Later This Spring

Perfect World Entertainment has announced that another expansion is set to launch in Neverwinter later this Spring. Module 3, titled Curse of Icewind Dale, introduces players to the iconic region of the same name. Icewind Dale is being overtaken by a mysterious presence called the black ice, and it is up to players to utilize […]

Star Trek Online Is Perfect World’s Best Product

So life isn’t exactly perfect over at the Cryptic Studios offices right now. Long story short, a series of bad choices and oversights on the part of the Cryptic team lead to a very long thread and a long apology from producer Dan Stahl. I will allow Mr. Stahl to explain it in concise detail: […]

Without Reservations: Neverwinter Will Be Full Fledged MMO

It’s amazing how time flies. Fourteen months ago, Cryptic announced what we all knew: A Neverwinter Nights non-MMO game that wasn’t an MMO was being developed as a completely non-MMO coop online, but not massively, multiplayer game that isn’t an MMO. With how in-your-face Cryptic was on reminding us that the upcoming game was not […]