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Rift Increasing Server Capacity

This may be surprising, but the recent transition of Rift to a free to play model has brought in swarms of new and returning players. As a result, the most populated servers have hit their breaking point resulting in long queues. In response to player complaints, Trion has been working to increase server queues and […]


MMOrning Shots: Someone Hold My Place In Line

On the other hand, I have plenty of time to play and review this copy of Lego Harry Potter on the Vita. MMOrning Shots is a (somewhat) daily line of screenshots from various MMOs. Most are taken in-house or come to us in press releases, but if you would like your screenshot featured, send it […]

Guild War 2 Trumps TERA, Play While You Queue

Someone must have told Guild Wars 2 developer Arenanet that I was comparing MMOs based on how they handle server queues. At least so far in the beta, TERA compensates players who spend more than ten minutes in line for their server with a period of bonus experience upon logging in. I didn’t point this […]