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[Rant] Monkey King Online Isn’t A Game

This is my recollection of playing Monkey King Online by R2 Games. After logging into the game and creating my character, I got up and walked out of the room. I nuked a frozen breakfast burrito: a mixture of jalapeno, egg, and cheese. My microwave has this annoying bug where it will occasionally register the […]


Mechanist Games Will Compensate Players

As plenty of you already know, City of Steam’s English servers under R2 Games are shutting down November 21st. In a press release by Mechanist Games sent out today, the developer has revealed plans to compensate backers and restore the faith of their community. While not all of the details are final, when City of […]

A Message From Mechanist Games

Hello everyone, First of all, we’d like to thank all players for supporting this game since the very beginning; it couldn’t have come this far without you. Circumstances have contributed to a significant loss of players and we’ve decided to cease the current game operations for the Global English version and take City of Steam […]

Mechanist Games Revokes City of Steam From R2 Games

Back when I previewed City of Steam’s open beta, I noted that while the game was still fun in multiple aspects, that the game had been taken a rather notable hit in quality since its closed beta and before R2 Games was announced as the publisher. Certain game mechanics were severely simplified, the FAQ for […]