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Squeal of Fortune Isn’t Pay To Win, But It Is A Waste Of Money

Back in April, Jagex started selling spins for Squeal of Fortune, igniting a heavy discussion on the company’s changing position on microtransactions and real world trading. After all, Jagex has lead us to believe for years that buying an advantage is the most evil thing a person could do, next to punching an orphan with […]


EA: Microtransactions Through Live Gamer

Those of you who are acquainted with Sony Online Entertainment are likely aware of Live Gamer, the “legit” real money trading website where players can buy and sell characters, gold, and more between each other without fear of getting scammed by some guy sitting in China watching ten WoW bots do their work. Currently, the […]

Real Money Trading In Korea: In Plain English

In violation of my court order to only use the gold image a maximum of twice on the front page, many MMOers are probably aware of South Korea ruling that real money trading, the conversion of digital cash to real cash, is now legal. Your gold pieces, kinah, plats, gil, influence, adena, credits, ISK, whatever […]