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Lineage Eternal is Dead, Long Live The Lineage

The oft-delayed and seemingly just as oft-rebooted Lineage Eternal is being rebooted as The Lineage. Set for beta in 2018, The Lineage is a totally new project with much of the game assets replaced, including the engine. The Lineage will run on Unreal Engine 4, has five confirmed classes, and will retain the seige system […]

Hellgate Multiplayer Is Coming Back: Again!

Hellgate has had a rough past, developed by Flagship Studios, released in October 2007 and shut down in February 2009 by Flagship Studios before being picked up by eastern publisher Hanbitsoft and relaunched in the west only to be shut down again at the beginning of this year. Thankfully this time around the game is […]

Face of Mankind’s Successful Kickstarter

Face of Mankind is a game of player interaction, an open faction system and player-driven economy in a completely dynamic universe. Fall of the Dominion is a restructuring of Face of Mankind, transforming the MMO and bringing it into a new decade with player-created factions, improved combat capabilities, crafting, exploration, progression, and more. Nexeon Technologies […]

Blizzard’s Titan MMO Rebooted, Restructured

“Interested” isn’t quite the word I would use to describe my attitude toward Blizzard’s upcoming MMO, Titan. It isn’t anything personal against the developer or the game itself, it’s just that at this early of a stage in development where everything we know about the title is from rumors and even the title itself is […]

Earthrise Closer To Alpha Launch, Accepting Registration

Earthrise: The game some of you may not have heard of, is back! Well, not at the moment anyway. If you haven’t been paying attention to this or other MMO news sites, Earthrise is a sci-fi sandbox MMO that launched in February 2011 by Bulgarian developer Masthead Studios. Earthrise was panned rather widely in the […]

Night Of The Living Dead: Myst Online Edition

Myst Online makes me pine for the better days of MMOs, particularly one that has a developer equivalent of the Child Protective Services act, as I would have called it to take Myst Online to a better place ages ago. Myst Online has seen more cancellations and revivals than any title on the list, despite […]

Chronicles of Spellborn 2.0 On Its Way!

Technically, The Chronicles of Spellborn never went anywhere. Back in MMO Fallout’s infancy, I wrote about Acclaim taking over the MMO, with the intentions of reviving the game and relaunching it the next year with a free to play, microtransaction model. Until then, of course, Chronicles of Spellborn would be completely free to play. Well, […]