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What Happened: Missing Ink Edition

What Happened is a series of articles partially inspired by you, the community, and otherwise brought on by a fleeting moment where the flapping wires in my brain connect and memories are able to get through. Given the long development nature of MMOs, it isn’t uncommon to have a game announced and then never hear […]


Whatever Happened: The Missing Ink

Here at MMO Fallout, we occasionally like to ask and answer a straightforward question: Whatever happened to that one game we heard about a while back? While looking through the game list, I realized that we haven’t heard from The Missing Ink in nearly a year. Experimental MMOs and indie games built by small studios […]

Roma Victor Developers Working On Sandbox MMO

Do you remember Roma Victor? I do, and was very disheartened when the company finally shut the servers down back in January 2011. But with all night comes dawn, and the folks at RedBedlam wanted to make it clear that this was not the last we’d heard of them:When I was a little filly and […]

Roma Victor to Shut Down: RV2 May Die

I think I’ve directly spoken of Roma Victor once on MMO Fallout, not because of any malice towards the title, but because the only newsworthy piece I came across in regards to the title was the act of crucifying cheaters. And much like any other image I find, it was subsequently beaten and overused for […]