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[Community] The Sense of Accomplishment, or Buy Our Freakin Lockboxes

Electronic Arts may have won the award for most disliked and tone deaf comment on Reddit in the history of the platform. Those of you who follow Battlefront II are likely aware of the criticisms that the game has received in regards to its progression system, namely complaints that it shamelessly gates power behind random […]

[Overwatch] Torbjörn Is Getting Nerfed On Consoles

It’s conceivable that, over time, Overwatch will be a rather different game on PC and consoles. In response to a thread on Reddit, Blizzard director Jeff Kaplan confirmed that Overwatch hero Torbjörn will be on the receiving end of the nerf bat next month. In an upcoming patch, we will reduce the damage done by Torbjörn’s […]

Neverwinter AMA Answers

Neverwinter’s latest Reddit AMA was last night, and for the sake of brevity we have compiled a list of the more important/informational answers. For those of you willing to dive deep and read the full answers, you can check out the complete Reddit thread here. The overall AMA is pretty short and easily finished in […]

Join Neverwinter’s Reddit AMA Today

With The Maze Engine on the horizon, Perfect World Entertainment will be holding an Ask Me Anything event on Reddit. Users are already asking questions and the answering session is supposed to begin at approximately 7:30pm Pacific, or about 45 minutes after this post gets published. You can join in and ask your own questions, […]

[Less Massive] The Attack On Redditors Has Already Begun

You can’t turn anywhere in the tech industry these days without running into Ellen Pao, now former CEO of Reddit. Pao came into the public scene in 2012 when she filed a landmark discrimination lawsuit against Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, a hedge fund, for sexual discrimination in the course of her employment and dismissal from […]

Default Subreddits Going Dark, Protesting Administration

Reddit users are revolting, again, in what seems to be a never ending string of controversy around the community-driven website. The latest smoking gun, the removal of a popular Reddit employee. Victoria Taylor is a name many of you have come into contact with, especially if you’ve attended any of Reddit’s celebrity Ask Me Anything events. Taylor […]

John Smedley Talks The Future Of H1Z1

Daybreak’s John Smedley took to Reddit today to discuss the future of H1Z1, and while the title might have you concerned (given where this has lead in the past), it doesn’t include shutting the game down. The list of upcoming features includes the obvious, fixing bugs and improving AI while also adding in new content. […]

Discussing Business Models Now Banned on Wildstar Subreddit

With NCSoft’s latest quarterly report coming up, speculation is rising once again on the possibility of Wildstar either going free to play or buy to play. The Wildstar subreddit, which we should point out is run by fans and not NCSoft, is getting ahead of the game by banning any discussion of f2p/b2p until hard […]

Sony Caps Fraud Refund At $150, Threatens To Ban Victim

Sony is coming under some heavy fire after an account was stolen and used to rack up substantial charges, only to offer to reimburse a small portion of those funds. User Kadjar on Reddit noticed that his account was compromised when multiple purchase confirmations began popping up in his email. Acting quickly to remove on-file credit […]

FFXIV Patch 2.4 Progress Guide

There is a metric ton of content to play through once you hit level 50 in Final Fantasy XIV, and figuring out exactly what you can do might be a daunting task. Thankfully, user Crabcommander on Reddit has compiled a post detailing the content that becomes available at level 50 as well as the prerequisites […]