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Crowdfunding Update: Greed Monger Delivering Refunds To Backers

Greed Monger is a bit of a touchy subject here at MMO Fallout, considering it’s one of the few games that we outright refused to publicize should it ever reappear on Kickstarter, but we have some positive news on the game and its creator Jason Appleton. While Appleton may not have had much success creating […]


Column How Reddit Once Again Bamboozled the Media

I have a distinct advantage over traditional media with MMO Fallout; I don’t run ads, I don’t have sponsors, and I have given minimal thought to opening a Patreon. As an entity, I am completely unaccountable for boosting views to their maximum potential, and as a result I enjoy the unique trait of not being […]

Prey Developer: Consider Steam’s Refund Policy Your Demo

Prey launches on PC and consoles this week, and while gamers on Xbox and Playstation were able to gauge their interest thanks to a pre-release demo, PC gamers haven’t been afforded the same luxury. Thankfully, Co-Creative Director Raphael Colantonio has a solution: Buy the game anyway, and just make use of Steam’s refund policy. Steam, for […]

No Man’s Sky: The Game That Broke Refund Policies

The list of unfulfilled promises for No Man’s Sky is at least a mile long, and you can read it for yourself, but those looking to escalate the situation to a full refund may have found an ally: Valve themselves. While Sony and Microsoft have proven unwilling to refund digital purchases even in cases of fraud, […]

Arkham Knight Refundable Through End Of Year

After four months of absence, Batman: Arkham Knight is finally available for sale on PC again. Despite numerous patches, however, many customers are still finding the game in an unacceptable state, with bugs and performance issues still causing problems. Luckily for affected customers, Warner Bros has made it possible to refund the game for any […]

Square Enix Apologizes For FFXIV On Mac, Offers Refunds

Direct Naoki Yoshida has posted a letter to Final Fantasy XIV fans, apologizing for issues with the mac client. The mac version of FFXIV launched on June 23rd, and it became immediately apparent that the game was not running properly on many systems, even those who met the minimum requirements. According to Yoshida, in the […]

[Column] Shovelware Makers On Steam Should Be Afraid

Today marked the day that Valve took a leap forward for the cause of customer service and announced that players would be allowed to return their games, no questions asked, within two weeks or two hours of game time, whichever comes first. There are certain caveats to the deal on what can be returned and […]

Steam Introduces 14-Day Refunds

Valve has surprised us again with the reveal of a new refund policy, allowing customers to get a full refund on their purchase, for any reason, withing two weeks of the purchase. Bought a game and can’t play it? System not powerful? Game broken beyond playable? Didn’t like it? Not a problem. Valve will be […]

Warhammer Online Details Refunds

In case you’ve forgotten, Warhammer Online shuts down tomorrow. In a post on the Warhammer website, Mythic has detailed exactly how players will be compensated for their purchases. If you have made a purchase after November 1st, or had any game time remaining on your account on the same day, you will be refunded in […]

En Mass Entertainment Offering Refunds For Subscribers

Yea, this is directly following my article on TERA becoming free, but I felt this topic was important enough to warrant its own commentary. Generally when an MMO goes free to play, you don’t see the developer lining up to hand out refunds for existing subscriptions. More often than not, any additional paid time is […]