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APB: Reloaded Implements New Premium Payments, With Auto-Renew!

Gamersfirst this week announced that players will finally be able to subscribe to the game’s premium service and have their subscription automatically renew every month. Through its payment provider Stripe, players can automatically subscribe to one month ($7.99), three month ($18.39) and six month ($26.36) plans that will automatically renew without needing you to manually […]

Turbine’s Renewal of the Asheron’s Call Domain Is Probably Nothing

The internet is buzzing, or at least a small section is, over the news that Turbine has renewed the Asheron’s Call domain through 2022. While the revelation has naturally caused speculation on whether or not Turbine has plans for the property, the real answer is fairly likely to not exactly be what the community wants […]

Lord of the Rings Safe Until 2017

When it comes to licensed MMOs, there is always the risk that the game will shut down not because of a lack of population, but due to issues over renewing the license. For Lord of the Rings Online, players are understandably concerned over Turbine’s license expiring at the end of the year. Luckily for all […]

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