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Bioware Isn’t Afraid To Re-Restrict You Freeloaders

Good news, free players! In a recent forum post by Lead Designer Damion Schubert, based on feedback via the public test realm (where free to play is currently undergoing trial), Bioware has decided to ease up on some of the restrictions on free players. You will now be able to enjoy a second quick bar, […]

Jagex Fights Gold Farmers, Restricts Free Accounts

Nuking bots from an MMO is easy, at least in comparison with nuking actual gold farmers. After all, programs can be broken from the outside, manipulated into revealing themselves, and detected through various means. But how can you know that the person behind the account grinding dragons for five hours is any different than the […]

Lord of the Rings Online: Removing Transfer Restrictions

When MMOs open their games to the public, the standard servers tend to fill out rather quickly, but the servers that were popular prior to the transition are regularly first to become overloaded by a combination of new and returning players creating and transferring characters. In the case of Lord of the Rings Online, Turbine […]

PLEX To Become A Normal Item In Eve Online

When PLEX, the cash-to-subscription-time item, was introduced to Eve Online, it was created special from the rest. You couldn’t undock with PLEX in your ship, meaning the item was bound to the station and its marketplace. CCP was so worried about the volatility of PLEX being introduced into the game that these restrictions were put […]

Runes of Magic: Credit Card/Paypal Blocks In Plain English

I wanted to have a slightly more serious conversation about a certain title that has garnered quite a bit of controversy around it by outside players and its community. I am, of course, referencing to the newly instated Diamond policy that restricts what players can do with diamonds purchased through certain avenues. Diamonds are a […]