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Shroud of the Avatar Partners With Travian Games

Richard Garriot and Portalarium have announced a partnership with German developer/publisher Travian Games to bring Shroud of the Avatar worldwide. The partnership, announced today via press release, will bring the title to Europe, South America, Central America, the Middle East, and North Africa. “We were looking to for the best upcoming MMORPGs in our industry […]


You Can Buy A Vial Of Richard Garriot’s Blood

Who hasn’t thought to themselves “I’d like to own a vial of Richard Garriot’s Blood?” The good news is, your lifetime dream can be realized through the power of Ebay and Richard Garriot’s presumed consent for the extraction and sale of his blood. Six vials of Garriot and Starr Long’s blood are being sold on […]

Shroud of the Avatar Teams Up With Underworld Ascendant

Underworld Ascendant is the spiritual sequel to Ultima Underworld, the 1992 first person rpg that spearheaded many of the game mechanics we now take for granted. Since Shroud of the Avatar is cut from the same cloth, it was only a matter of time before Lord British announced his support for the game. Backers of […]

MMOrning Shots: Shroud Of The Avatar

Today’s MMOrning Shot comes to us from Shroud of the Avatar, which recently opened its doors to backers to wander around the starter town of Owl’s Head. I had a chance to check out the early access and I found that the chat system is very similar to Everquest in that you actually have to […]

Video of the Now: Shroud of the Avatar 6 Months In

Richard Garriot has released a video detailing Shroud of the Avatar’s progress six months in. The video details housing plots, placing items, crafting, and dungeon exploring. The crafting system is rather interesting, with the player creating the individual parts of the item before combining them at a smithing table for the final product. The player […]

Tabula Rasa Revival Petition

By the time it shut down, Tabula Rasa had a small but very dedicated community, and when NCSoft did announce that the servers would be coming down fans were enraged twofold. First for the simple fact that the game had launched in a rather poor state and the fan perception that NCSoft didn’t do a […]

And the Reveal is…

The day is here and the time has come! Richard Garriot’s newest game has been revealed: Shroud of the Avatar. Developed by Portalarium, Shroud of the Avatar is an upcoming RPG focusing not on level grinding but on role playing. Shroud of the Avatar looks to include many features that made Ultima Online great, including […]

Video of the ___: Tabula Rasa Trailer

Tabula Rasa is gone, but not forgotten. I wanted to share the opening cinematic for those of you who may not have played Tabula Rasa, or did and simply would like a taste of nostalgia.

A Quick Look At Ultimate Collector

I have to admit: When I saw that Richard Garriot’s new game was a Facebook social title, my heart sank. And then when I found out he was partnering with Zynga, the force of sudden massive compression caused my heart to tear itself inside out. Luckily, through the magic of modern science and a genetics […]

Falling Out #13: Perpetually Wrong

You all know this person. Happy birthday, Ultima Online.