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Trion Worlds At Gamescom: Infodump

Trion Worlds has announced a major info dump at Gamescom, with details regarding all of their first party titles. More information on individual updates will be coming in the next few weeks, but for today the company has pushed a small blurb on each title: Rift: Patch 3.4 introduces a new calling, the Primalist, along […]

[Community] Let’s Call A Merger A Merger

Originally I intended this week’s Community column to be speculation about how Trion Worlds would handle ArcheAge’s upcoming server merge, given that the plans are still in the conceptual stage and any real action that will be taken is still months down the line. To fuel speculation, I looked at how server mergers were handled […]

Trion Bans May Now Revoke Game Access

In case you haven’t seen, Trion Worlds has announced the introduction of a new “forum toxicity” policy. In short, the developer has issued an ultimatum that trolling, threats, and abuse will no longer be tolerated, and swift action will be taken to ensure that the forums remain a squeaky clean place for squeaky clean boys […]

Lessons From 2013 #6: A Rift Between Regions

This year taught me that Trion Worlds isn’t all too enthusiastic about overseas endeavors. Over the course of 2013, Rift announced its impending shuttering in China, Korea,¬†and¬†Russia, but what caught my eye wasn’t that the game was shutting down, but why. In early October when Shanda Games announced that Rift would be shutting down in […]

Rift Shutting Down In Russia

Rift is shutting down in yet another region, and much like the Chinese version before it, the blame seems to lie in Trion Worlds not supporting localization. As posted on the official website, Belver announced that the servers would shut down October 25th, noting that the reason stems from Trion Worlds refusing to support the […]

Rift Frees Inactive Character Names

Losing your character name due to a server merger sucks, especially if you can’t find a new name because all of the good ones are taken up by people who haven’t logged in since the game first launched. The good news is that players who do end up losing their names when the servers merge […]

Rift Server Merger Incoming

Trion Worlds has announced an upcoming server merge to the MMO Rift. Previously Trion would sneak around the need to merge their shards by switching them into “trial” mode and forcing players to transfer off of them anyway. This time around the company is going for a good old fashioned merger, shutting down three North […]

Trion Neglected Rift China, Says CEO

Rift is shutting down in China, and the CEO of Shanda Games (Xiangdong Zhang) has revealed to the Chinese press that the problem lied with a lack of response from Trion Worlds leading to a poor experience for Chinese gamers. According to Zhang, Trion Worlds did not respond to requests for localized content, and eventually […]

Trion: Hartsman Returns, Branch Closed

It is Christmas time, right? Trion has welcomed back Scott Hartsman as CEO. Some of you may remember back in January that Hartsman resigned from his position as Executive Producer on Rift, which some speculated had to do with disagreements over the then-rumored plans to make Rift free-to-play. If the move was to try and […]

Rift Tops Raptr’s Charts For June

Let me put my hard hat on real quick. Alright. Raptr is a desktop app similar to Xfire that we’ve featured here on MMO Fallout because it not only tracks your game time and achievements across your consoles, it also regularly gives free stuff at the cost of absolutely nothing. Thanks to a strong promotional […]