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Frostkeep Lays Out Early Access Roadmap For Rend

It’s been two months since Rend launched into early access, and this week the folks at Frostkeep Studios laid out their roadmap for the rest of the year and into 2019. Among other updates, the goal for the road ahead includes combat improvements for more impactful gunfights, streamlined features overhauling crafting, inventories, and storage, legendary […]

Funcom Celebrates Traffic Surge, Plans Roadmap

This may come as little surprise to gamers, but Funcom today is celebrating the initial success for Secret World Legends, boasting that the game is at the highest player activity in years. “We are very encouraged by the initial success of Secret World Legends; it has been years since we last saw a surge in player activity […]

Albion Online Will Be Buy To Play, At Least At The Start

The latest Road to Release from Albion Online has given us a look at what launch has in store for the MMO, and that includes quite a hefty and elongated beta period. According to a post on the main forums, the closed beta has been extended to at least August 2016, with the launch hopefully […]

DC Universe Unveils 2013 PvP Roadmap

DC Universe is set to release the next big DLC pack, Origin Crisis, which admittedly focuses mostly on PvE encounters. Until then, Sony Online Entertainment has some big plans in store for lots of steamy hero on villain content in the coming year. For a couple of weeks now, heroes and villains all around Gotham […]

Planetside 2 Roadmap Outlines Six Months

I know what you’re thinking. Given the MMO industry is addicted to launch delays like they are crack, what could possibly be interesting about yet another roadmap being released? Well, Planetside 2’s roadmap (assuming you can convince it to load) is a bit different than those you’ve seen in the past. Released just recently by […]

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