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In Plain English: Lohan Loses GTA Lawsuit Appeal

Lindsay Lohan has lost her appeal in New York State Court today in a privacy lawsuit against Take Two. Lohan sued Take Two Interactive in regards to allegations that the company illegally used her likeness in Grand Theft Auto V. In the game, players assist a celebrity by the name of Lacey Jonas escape the […]


Lost GTA Online Characters Are Gone For Good

Last week saw a patch roll out for Grand Theft Auto Online to fix a rather nasty bug resulting in characters not being displayed. When the bug first popped up, Rockstar acted quickly and warned users not to create new characters in the missing slots. In a followup comment posted just a few days ago, […]

False Alarm: GTA Online Is GTA V Online

It’s a knee jerk reaction to assume that whenever a company places the word Online in their title, that the game will be an MMO. Grand Theft Auto Online, announced previously this week, hasn’t turned out to be the MMO that we thought it would be, but the real answer isn’t any less disappointing. Set […]