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Lods of Emone: Jagex Posts Record Financial Success

RuneScape is doing just fine, thank you. This week Jagex released their 2018 financials and boasted a 9.3% increase in revenue to £92.8 million. 2018 saw RuneScape reaching its highest membership total ever with Old School RuneScape launching on mobile and seeing over five million downloads. CEO Phil Mansell noted: “This lets us accelerate Jagex’s […]

RuneScape Brings In Easter

This week’s RuneScape update reminds us that Easter is quite late this year. If you have ever wanted to know what it’s like to shove a tuna in a shark, well you now have the opportunity. RuneScape’s Easter update is here, and that can only mean more shenanigans with the Easter Bunny. Running through the […]

[Hiring] Jagex Looks To Expand Studio By 25% In 2019

  Jagex Ltd., developers of the popular MMO RuneScape, have announced a hiring drive that will see the Cambridge studio boost its staff by 25% over 2019. To kick off the hiring drive, Jagex has revealed two big-name developers joining the team. First is Dan Vargas serving as art director for an unnamed online role […]

Old School RuneScape Wins BAFTA Game Award

Old School RuneScape has been named EE Mobile Game of the Year at the 2019 BAFTA Games Awards. Since its launch on mobile in October 2018, Old School RuneScape has been downloaded and installed on 6.4 million devices. Jagex CEO Phil Mansell said: “This is astounding recognition by our players of all the great work […]

Snapshots: The Fifteenth Scapeversary

Today, March 29, 2019, marks fifteen years to the day since the official launch of RuneScape 2. It’s incredible to think how much the game and Jagex as a company has changed and evolved over the last decade and a half, but if you want to take a walk down nostalgia road (or visit for […]

RuneScape Dumps Bounty Hunter, Redistributes Rewards

The past few months has seen Jagex taking a look at old content and changing it for the better. January saw a massive overhaul to mining & smithing, while this month sees the overhaul of firemaking. Unfortunately, the developer was unable to fix everything. This week marks the removal of Bounty Hunter, a PvP mini-game […]

Jagex Celebrates International Women’s Day With Reddit AMA

Jagex is kicking off International Women’s Day with a Reddit Ask Me Anything. “We’d love to inspire more women to join the games industry and we’re excited to talk about all the different and awesome skills that are needed to make video games! As such, we are from all sectors within the business from HR […]

Jagex Releases Elite Dungeon Finale

Today marks the release of The Shadow Reef, the third and final Elite Dungeon in an ongoing trilogy. Set in the ancient sunken temple of Ulthven Kreath, players face a hostile environment full of aggressive enemies before a chilling encounter with The Ambassador, a malevolent creature that dwells in the deep. “Last summer, we created […]

RuneScape Launches Another Twitch Prime Partnership

It’s Prime Time and that can only mean one thing: RuneScape and Twitch are back together for another giveaway. Running through March 17, Twitch Prime members can get their hands on a RuneScape bundle including Runecoins, membership, and some goodies. 14 days free membership 200 Runecoins 15 Treasure Hunter Keys 2x Umbral Chests 1x Chinchompa […]

Shanghai Fukong International Plans To Sell Its Stake In Jagex

Reuters is reporting that Shanghai Fukong International plans to sell its partial or full stock in RuneScape developer Jagex at some time presumably in the near future. Shanghai Fukong International was formed in 2016 and is a venture capital firm that bought all investments from Jagex’s previous investors for a 100% stake in the developer to […]

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