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RuneScape Launches Another Twitch Prime Partnership

It’s Prime Time and that can only mean one thing: RuneScape and Twitch are back together for another giveaway. Running through March 17, Twitch Prime members can get their hands on a RuneScape bundle including Runecoins, membership, and some goodies. 14 days free membership 200 Runecoins 15 Treasure Hunter Keys 2x Umbral Chests 1x Chinchompa […]


Shanghai Fukong International Plans To Sell Its Stake In Jagex

Reuters is reporting that Shanghai Fukong International plans to sell its partial or full stock in RuneScape developer Jagex at some time presumably in the near future.¬†Shanghai Fukong International was formed in 2016 and is a venture capital firm that bought all investments from Jagex’s previous investors for a 100% stake in the developer to […]

Jagex Polls Completion Cape Changes In RuneScape

RuneScape is well known for its constantly changing landscape and design philosophy, weekly content updates will do that to you. The completion capes involve a long list of achievements in-game. As a show of their difficulty, these caps also happen to be best in slot stats and utility, which has made them almost mandatory for […]

Jagex Distances Itself From Streamer Bully

Jagex has given a statement on an incident that took place over the weekend in which RuneScape streamer Aus Swag was banned from both Twitch and RuneScape for conduct during a live stream. Aus Swag called an individual live on air, one that he knew to be suicidal, and told her “I think you should […]

Jagex Issues Warning To Mobile Apps

With the launch of RuneScape on mobile devices, Jagex this week announced that they will be changing their policy in regards to how the company approaches mobile app developers using RuneScape’s IP to create unofficial companion programs. In a post published this week, the UK developer stated that they will be reaching out to app […]

RuneScape Overhauls Mining & Smithing For Its 18th Birthday

In celebration of its eighteenth birthday, Jagex has overhauled two of its oldest skills this week as mining and smithing are updated to be more in line with the last decade of updates. Both skills have been optimized and made more user-friendly and useful with powerful new masterwork armors being made available. David Osborne, lead […]

RuneScape Celebrates 18th Birthday At All-Time High

RuneScape is officially 18 years old, old enough to vote and in many countries even drink, but Jagex today announced that its flagship title is entering adulthood at an all-time high. According to the Cambridge developer, RuneScape is enjoying its strongest year to date, with more than five million downloads on Old School RuneScape on […]

RuneScape Bank Rework Has Been Canned For Time Being

Remember the bank rework? The one Jagex teased for release back in 2016? Temper your expectations, because it isn’t coming out. Mod Shauny took the time to post over to Reddit¬†a couple of days ago that the bank rework has been shelved and won’t be worked on for the foreseeable future. In short, the project […]

Jagex Kills Off Mobilising Armies Mini-Game

For years now RuneScape has had a bit of a problem with its mini-games, namely that there have been a lot of them added throughout the years and very few are actually populated by any traffic. Couple that with the fact that many of these mini-games include rewards, and you simply have a growing list […]

RuneScape Winter Weekends

It is December and that officially means that RuneScape is in full holiday swing. For the month of December and into January, Jagex is rolling out holiday weekends with various buffs and bonuses. You can check out the link at the bottom of this article to see what is in store, the first holiday weekend […]