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Lord of the Rings Online Says Dasvidaniya To Russia

Russian gamers will be sad to learn that the local Lord of the Rings Online servers will be shutting down on June 1st., the publisher of Lord of the Rings in Russia, was either unable or unwilling to renew their license with Warner Bros. and as a result the service is coming to an end. […]


Economic Trouble Leads To Steam Trade Restrictions

As the Ruble continues to plummet in value, tech giants are taking notice. In a notice released to the public by Steam Database, Valve has region locked all new purchases made by Steam accounts made by Russian players. While the games may be gifted or traded to players in the same region, they will not […]

ArcheAge Says Dosvidanya To Non-Russian Players

ArcheAge is a long time coming to the west, so long in fact that dedicated players decided to forego the wait and jump on board the Russian servers hosted by Hopefully none of them have spent a lot of money on the game, as has announced that access to the servers will be […]

Infographic: Russian Digital Game Market

Infographic courtesy of SuperData Research.

Lessons From 2013 #6: A Rift Between Regions

This year taught me that Trion Worlds isn’t all too enthusiastic about overseas endeavors. Over the course of 2013, Rift announced its impending shuttering in China, Korea, and Russia, but what caught my eye wasn’t that the game was shutting down, but why. In early October when Shanda Games announced that Rift would be shutting down in […]

Two MMOs Moving Overseas, Just Not Your Seas

Who wants an extra helping of disappointment today? Two MMOs are progressing into new territories, but judging by MMO Fallout’s metrics, they still aren’t coming to your territories. has announced that the closed beta for ArcheAge is set to start in December. Some of you may recall that caught some heat over their […]

Rift Shutting Down In Russia

Rift is shutting down in yet another region, and much like the Chinese version before it, the blame seems to lie in Trion Worlds not supporting localization. As posted on the official website, Belver announced that the servers would shut down October 25th, noting that the reason stems from Trion Worlds refusing to support the […]

ArcheAge Russia’s Free To Play Borders Pay To Win

ArcheAge in Russia is making its way down free to play lane, and according to an announcement by, plans to offer even more for free than its Korean counterpart. Russian players will be able to level all the way up to end-game without paying a single ruble, and will have access to building houses […]

Allods Online Receives Subscription Server In Russia

Back when Shadowrun Online was still seeking funding, I noted a pretty cool feature of the game’s payment model. Two versions of the game are being released, with the first being your basic free to play model: no upfront fee but with a cash shop carrying your general assortment of microtransactions. The second, the “campaign” […]

Gala-Net Responds: Prices Coming Down, Point Is Moot

When Cryptic Studios announced that the upcoming expansion to Champions Online, Vibora Bay, would be a paid expansion, the reaction from the community was nothing short of explosive. Players saw an expansion adding in what should have been added in (a fill-in for the late game leveling gap), and overall were quite offended at having […]