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[Steam Direct] Valve Isn’t Doing Basic Checks On Marketplace Items For Scams

Actions speak louder than words, and for Valve and Steam nothing furthers the allegations that the company doesn’t put much stock in the quality of its services than the repeated instances of outright fraud that have occurred on the Steam platform over the past few years. We’ve seen meme games, troll games, asset flips, abusive […]


Crowdfunding Fraudsters: Marvel Heroes and the Diploma Mill of Nostalgia

Fraudster: 2a:  a person who is not what he or she pretends to be :impostor; Despite all evidence to the contrary, I actually get a lot of criticism when it comes to Crowdfunding Fraudsters for apparently being too lenient on the subjects. I take a lot of time to carefully parse my statements so that we’re […]

Greenlight Fraudsters: MechDefender Scams Greenlight Bundle

MechDefender is a recently released game by developer Elite Games Ltd, Vadim Starygin, and one that currently has zero concurrent players, a factor that probably won’t change much so long as Elite Games refuses to give keys to the customers who purchased them. You see, MechDefender was partnered with the OtakuMaker Greenlight Bundle, a Steam bundle where […]

Steam Dev: Torrent My Game Instead Of Using G2A

Action Henk would rather you pirate their games than support shady resellers like G2A, one of the game’s two programmers posted on Reddit following last week’s controversial statements over the key reseller. Consistently the ire of developers, G2A came to attention once again last week after allegations surfaced that the service sold $450 thousand in […]

[NM] ZombieRush Is Definitely Buying Reviews

I have no idea if ZombieRush is a good game, its Steam page would definitely seem to imply so despite the top two most helpful reviews being overwhelmingly negative. The most recent review (as of this publishing) is by user tyXYDelcatQU, who I will call Ty for the foreseeable future. I looked into Ty’s account and […]

PSA: Battlefield Beta Phishing

Battlefield 1 is making big headlines and with E3 just days away, it only makes sense that some unscrupulous individuals are piggybacking on the hype to defraud users. According to reports popping up, the URL has popped up, among others, with fake signup links that steal your EA username and password. MMO Fallout traced […]

Trion Worlds Punishes Impersonation Scam, Community Explodes

Trion Worlds has spent the better part of the past six or so months attempting to slowly detoxify the very virulent community whose actions they have actively coddled and defended as ‘in the spirit of the game,’ and that shift in management has come to a head once again with Trion reversing a trade scam against […]

[Column] Shovelware Makers On Steam Should Be Afraid

Today marked the day that Valve took a leap forward for the cause of customer service and announced that players would be allowed to return their games, no questions asked, within two weeks or two hours of game time, whichever comes first. There are certain caveats to the deal on what can be returned and […]

[Less Massive] Shuttered Game Still Being Sold On Steam

Steam Early Access has seen a lot of criticism, from the fact that most games don’t see completion, to the sale of titles that are at best misleading and at worst engaging in outright fraud. It has also become the source of indie devs putting games up for sale only to engage with the community […]

Areal Is Back: Stalker Apocalypse Funding Part 2

S.T.A.L.K.E.R is back! Well, actually STALKER is back, and that is an important distinction to make. Earlier this year we saw a Kickstarter pop up for a spiritual sequel to the S.T.A.L.K.E.R franchise called Areal, by a company made up of former developers of said franchise. It didn’t take long for internet sleuths to figure […]