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Star Citizen Raises Lods of Emone

I don’t think anyone could have imagined just how successful Star Citizen’s funding drive would be. In the year since Cloud Imperium Games opened their doors and invited in a mass of crowdsourced investment, the fledgling space MMO has raised nearly twenty two million dollars, and stands to blow through every single one of the […]


Face of Mankind Kickstarting An Overhaul

Face of Mankind is one of those games that most of you have likely tried at one point, or at the very least heard about it as a concept. The game relies almost solely on player interaction, between individuals and the factions that they represent. Alliances come and go, as do wars, and territories change […]

Earthrise Closer To Alpha Launch, Accepting Registration

Earthrise: The game some of you may not have heard of, is back! Well, not at the moment anyway. If you haven’t been paying attention to this or other MMO news sites, Earthrise is a sci-fi sandbox MMO that launched in February 2011 by Bulgarian developer Masthead Studios. Earthrise was panned rather widely in the […]

Earthrise Posts New HTML5 GUI

Let’s talk about the dead coming back to life. Some of you may recall a long time ago in a galaxy not so far away, that Earthrise shut down due to a lack of funds to fully bring the game over to a free to play platform. If you don’t remember, just re-read that last […]

Black Prophecy Shutting Down In September

I find myself asking this question a lot: Why does everything I love die? Black Prophecy is easily one of Gamigo’s most impressive looking titles, not to mention a unique player in its own right. Launched last year, Black Prophecy is a sci-fi MMO similar to Eve Online but with a more action-oriented control scheme […]