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TERA/The Old Republic Discuss Server Transfers

Since I know how much you all love hearing about server transfers, I’ve lumped both games in the same article. You may be aware of TERA’s pre-launch woes, particularly a lacking in space on player vs player servers. Alongside the release of a new PvP server, En Masses is opening temporary free server transferal for all players. […]


Lord of the Rings Online: Removing Transfer Restrictions

When MMOs open their games to the public, the standard servers tend to fill out rather quickly, but the servers that were popular prior to the transition are regularly first to become overloaded by a combination of new and returning players creating and transferring characters. In the case of Lord of the Rings Online, Turbine […]

Rift: Free Weekly Transfers Coming in 1.3

[Update] I apparently picked the worst time to write this. The news is in, and server transfers will be allowed once a week, for free, and will allow even entire guilds to transfer including all of their items, titles, and achievements. Guild Leaders can move their guild and levels and perks. Hey, Rifters. It’s been […]

Suit Up: More Star Wars Galaxies Server Mergers Coming…

Star Wars Galaxies is always an interesting topic here on MMO Fallout. On one hand, you have Sony Online Entertainment, who referred to Galaxies as having one of the most active communities in SOE’s portfolio of games. On the other hand, you have those who remain in Star Wars Galaxies who, apart from complaints of […]

Aion Transfer Delayed…Again.

In the process of merging a large number of their servers, Aion has run into a number of snags, the latest of which brings a temporary delay to the character transfer program. In a post on the Aion website, NC announced that the transfer service was put on hold due to unforeseen issues.