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Wildstar Announces Server Mergers

Mega servers are the future, at least in the sense that they allow developers to merge servers without using the term and acting like there is nothing to worry about with the population. Wildstar developer Carbine Studios has revealed that the fledgling MMO will soon see its servers merged similar to DC Universe Online, with […]

RuneScape Temporarily Alters Death Mechanics

If you haven’t heard, RuneScape is currently under intermittent attacks by an outside party. Given that dying in both versions will result in losing items, players are understandably demanding action by Jagex to protect players while still allowing them to play as much as possible. For the duration of these attacks, Jagex has altered their death […]

Dynasty Warriors Online Shutting Down

Dynasty Warriors Online is the MMO adaptation of the long running hack and slash, and if you didn’t know it existed, well you understand why it is shutting down. Aeria Games posted a notice that the servers will close on January 10th, at around 8pm eastern. Any AP spent from today onward will be rebated back […]

Lessons From 2013 #2: Triumph of Old School

You can only hope that other developers are paying attention to Jagex. This year marked the announcement and launch of RuneScape’s Old School server, a separate service that originally launched as a snapshot of the MMO way back from August 2007, but has since evolved into its own game entirely. Updates are based entirely off […]

Ragnarok Online 2 Sunsetting In Korea

Ragnarok Online 2 is shutting down in Korea. As reported by MMO Culture, Gravity has announced that the Korean servers will come down on December 23rd, and that services in North America and Europe will not be affected by the change. The shutdown notice points to a lack of players as the reason for the […]

Rift Frees Inactive Character Names

Losing your character name due to a server merger sucks, especially if you can’t find a new name because all of the good ones are taken up by people who haven’t logged in since the game first launched. The good news is that players who do end up losing their names when the servers merge […]

FFXIV Impressions: Stop Teasing Me, Square, Let Me In

Square Enix is a company that I desperately want to love, because they did what no other developer would do and came through on their promise to improve a failed MMO from the ground up. Apart from Darkfall and maybe one or two other titles, this doesn’t happen. You have companies like NCSoft who would […]

Rift Increasing Server Capacity

This may be surprising, but the recent transition of Rift to a free to play model has brought in swarms of new and returning players. As a result, the most populated servers have hit their breaking point resulting in long queues. In response to player complaints, Trion has been working to increase server queues and […]

TERA Servers Are Paid After June 11th

TERA players will be happy to know that the restrictions on server transfers have been removed, allowing movement to the previously denied Lake of Tears and Ascension Valley. Players are advised to make use of this freedom of movement, since server transfers will no longer be free soon. Beginning June 11th at noon Pacific, server […]

Age Of Conan Implements Patchless Events

Don’t you hate temporary events in MMOs? Forgetting the other issues around the time-limited nature of the event itself, then you have to put up with the obnoxious issue of the game requiring a patch (and thus downtime) both before the event begins and once it ends. Wouldn’t it be easier if there was a […]