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Warcraft Legacy Server Survey To Be Presented To Blizzard

Nostalrius isn’t the first, nor will it be the last World of Warcraft private server to meet the wrath of Blizzard’s legal team, but the shuttering of this service has undoubtedly opened a can of worms that I don’t think many people anticipated. Between a petition receiving over two hundred thousand signatures, a press that […]

Jagex Product Manager Weighs In On Classic Servers

The recent shuttering of Nostalrius, one of World of Warcraft’s biggest private servers, has been rippling throughout the gaming news and leaking into the regular press. Part of the discussion has turned to both the feasibility and potential that legacy servers can offer MMO developers. Here at MMO Fallout, we’ve pretty heavily covered the ongoing […]

Shanda Games In Severe Damage Control After Losing Two Years Of Data

Shanda Games is performing serious PR damage control after a “severe technical failure” resulted in two years worth of data being lost in their MMO Dragon Nest. While characters, gold, DNP, and AC are still intact, virtually everything else has been lost. The good news is, according to the news post, Shanda is capable of […]

Trove To Take Two Days Off, Upgrade Servers

Who’s to say that MMOs shouldn’t get a nice two day weekend every few years? If you’ve been playing Trove recently, you are likely well acquainted with the ongoing server issues. The issue, naturally, is that the game has grown too large in scope for the current hardware to handle, with player clubs particularly outgrowing […]

Daybreak Servers Slammed by DDOS Attack

We are aware of current connectivity issues and are working to resolve them. Thanks for your patience. — Daybreak Games (@DaybreakGames) December 30, 2015 If you’re looking to play any of Daybreak’s games, you might want to take the night off. At the moment, Daybreaks game servers and their websites are experiencing major connection issues which […]

Everquest Promises New Progression Server, Less Drama

Daybreak Game Company has announced that the next progression server for Everquest, Phinigel, will not allow multi-boxing. Set to launch on December 9th, Phinigel will follow a strict schedule of one expansion release every ninety days, with no voting on the player side or manipulation from Daybreak. In addition, raids will have an instanced mode […]

ArcheAge 2.0 Rolled Back After Major Server Issues

If you’ve been out of the loop as I have for the past couple of days, you may have missed the launch of ArcheAge 2.0. Thankfully, you didn’t miss much, as an issue with the Glyph authentication system resulted in over 90% of players being denied access to the game. As many of you are […]

Daybreak Game Company Discussing EQ2 Server Consolidation

Daybreak Game Company has expanded upon an earlier announcement that Everquest II servers will be merged. The term that executive producer Holly Longdale is going for is “consolidation,” meaning that the servers will be closed completely with players shuffled over to new servers, rather than simply merging a lower population server into another. Those players […]

LOTRO Will Merge Down To Ten Servers

We learned back in May of Turbine’s plans to merge the Lord of the Rings Online servers, but the company has finally come forward with more specific details on the hows, the whens, and the wheres. All but ten servers will close as part of the merger, five in the US and five in Europe, […]

TERA Sees Population Boost After Steam Launch

TERA is celebrating a boom in traffic, both from the recent launch on Steam and release of the new gunner class. While the team at En Masse Entertainment has increased server capacity over the past month, heavy population has resulted in queues during peak times. To move the population around, a new PvE server will […]