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Nosgoth Shutting Down Next Month

Nosgoth will shut down its servers at the end of May, according to a post on the official website. Anyone who made a purchase after March 1st will be automatically refunded as soon as possible, likely within the next two weeks. It is with a heavy heart and an immense sense of sadness that we must […]

Indie MMO Revival Ends Development

Indie sandbox MMO Revival has announced that development has ceased due to lack of funds. Starting in the very new future, you will find that homes are no longer for sale through the Dunwich and Innsmouth section of our website and future patches to the client are, at least as of now, highly unlikely. I […]

Only A Couple of Months Left Before Wildstar Sunsets, According To Insider

The wounds haven’t even begun healing from the announcement earlier today that Carbine Studios would be cutting as much as 40% of its work force, and according to insider reports the layoffs are not complete. In fact, if this source is to be believed, NCSoft has already made the decision to pull the plug. According […]

City of Steam Is Shutting Down This Month

City of Steam developer Mechanist Games has announced that services for the MMO will shut down later this month. The game launched in 2013 and was named MMO Fallout’s ‘Most Disappointing MMO of the Year,” due to a partnership with R2 Games that saw many of the game’s mechanics simplified or outright removed and the overall […]

Soldier Front 2: Highly Reviewed, On Steam, Also Defunct

Soldier Front 2 is one of many free to play first person shooters on Steam and, if you’re anything like me, you may have stumbled upon it while browsing your recommended queue during the holiday sale. It may have even caught your eye, being a free to play shooter with a “very positive” community rating, […]

Dragon’s Prophet Shutters In America

Dragon’s Prophet is no longer available for North American players, as Daybreak Game Company (formerly Sony Online Entertainment) has parted ways with developer Runewaker Entertainment. The shutdown was first announced last month with the notice that the game would continue operating as is in Europe and Asia as those regions are handled by different publishers. […]

Dragon’s Prophet Shutting Down In November

North American players will no longer have access to Dragon’s Prophet after November 16th, as Daybreak has announced that the service will be coming to an end. While the game will still be available in Europe and Asia, there are no plans to allow players to transfer their characters over to these other publishers. In the […]

Archlord 2 Shutting Down

Webzen has announced the impending sunsetting of Archlord 2. The servers for the PVP-centric MMO will shut down in approximately two months, on November 24th. Archlord 2 initially launched in 2014, giving it a much shorter run than its predecessor which ran from 2005 until 2014. The sequel was heavily criticized during beta for poor […]

Funcom Isn’t Doing Well, Seeking Investment/Merger

Things are looking pretty dire for Funcom. Last month we learned that Lego Minifigures not only isn’t selling well, it isn’t being covered by the traditional gaming press. In an update released just a couple of days ago, Funcom announced that it has hired an outside bank to review whatever options may be available to […]

Because We Missed It: FEAR Online Is Already Dead

F.E.A.R Online is a free to play game set in the world of First Encounter Assault Recon, a horror franchise best known for introducing the world to Alma, a scary demon girl who comes back from the dead to seek revenge on those who caused harm to her. If you haven’t heard of the free […]