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Perfect World Wallet Shutdown Imminent

Perfect World Entertainment has issued a news update reminding players that the Perfect World Wallet system will shut down on Tuesday March 17th. Anyone with Zen still in their wallet will have it automatically transfer over to the new Arc wallet. The migration will take a couple of days and won’t affect your ability to […]


Less Massive: GFWL Not Shutting Down

So, it turns out Games For Windows Live isn’t shutting down next week. According to a statement by Microsoft, you will still be able to download titles from the Games for Windows Live client as usual, however customers will not be able to purchase games or receive title updates. “As previously announced, as part of the […]

CalcMMO Shutting Down Today

It is truly a sad day here at MMO Fallout, as we must pass along the news that CalcMMO will be shutting down later today. What? You never heard of CalcMMO? CalcMMO is the world’s first and last TI-83 themed MMO, which launched on Steam’s early access earlier today. CalcMMO is free to play and […]

Electronic Arts Shutting Down Several Facebook Games

It looks like the lawsuit between Electronic Arts and Zynga over whether or not The Ville copied Sims Social was for naught, as today EA announced that a small selection of their Facebook titles will be shut down on June 14th. The shutdown comes in response to dwindling population numbers in all three games, and EA […]

City of Heroes Isn’t Going Down Without A Fight

NCSoft may have announced that City of Heroes is shutting down on November 30th, but that doesn’t mean the community (or Paragon Studios for that matter) are going down without a fight. Since the announcement, the community has rallied in multiple ways, from encouraging users to write to NCSoft, setting up rallies in-game and on […]

Cabal To Transfer Ownership: To ESTsoft

MMOs are no stranger to changes in host, in fact just last year Archlord and several other MMOs changed hands due to various reasons. Cabal Online players received a notice yesterday that OGPlanet (not to be confused with Aion’s G-Unit) will no longer be supporting Cabal Online. Although the publisher did not give a specific […]

Point For PC MMOs: Xbox Live to Shut Down

Meridian 59 is acclaimed as the first MMORPG, following a long line of Multi-User-Dungeons (MUDs) and paving the way for Ultima Online to come in and steal the show only to give way to Everquest, and eventually World of Warcraft. Despite a fifteen year timeline, these titles are still up and running to this day, […]

Dungeon Runners: What Happened

“Dungeon Runners just isn’t cutting the mustard. If she were a ship, she’d be taking on water. Yeah, she’s been taking on water for a long time now. Are my cryptic references too hard to decipher? The game just isn’t profitable. And, the first rule of business is to be profitable!” -Stephen Nichols, NCsoft, on […]

Metaplace to Shutdown: January 2010

Metaplace is the 2d, isometric little version of Second Life. It is a world built on lua functionality, allowing players to add actions to any object in the world (pets, animals, stuff, etc) to bring life to their creations, set up their own games within the game, and build their own world. Metaplace was made […]

Star Wars Galaxies: Server Shutdowns

I’ve been criticized a few times for being somewhat harsh on Star Wars Galaxies, going as far as calling it a comatose title that Sony Online Entertainment continues to hold on life support, giving it regular changes of clothing and painting pupils on its eyelids so people think it still has some life in it. […]