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Beta Perspective: RuneScape’s Mining/Smithing Beta

Mining & Smithing are widely regarded as extremely antiquated skills in RuneScape, as Jagex essentially filled out the skill without much future proofing. Both skills were released in 2001 and have received sporadic updates throughout the years to boost their usefulness, but it can hardly be argued that either skill has been left behind as […]


Old School RuneScape Gets New School Skill

Old School RuneScape isn’t simply about allowing disgruntled players to relive the golden days of the past, since its introduction earlier this year the offshoot has gone in a rather separate direction from its New School counterpart. Thanks to a content system where updates are suggested and then voted on by the community, with nothing […]

RuneScape: Divination Skill Impressions

Divination is the latest skill to be released in RuneScape, and it is certainly interesting. The premise of the skill is that after the god Guthix is assassinated, the resulting fallout caused immense damage to the world in which the game takes place. Guthix’s life energy dispersed in the form of wisps, a combination of […]