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Valve Shuts Down Paid Skyrim Workshop, Refunds Everyone

Valve’s controversial decision to introduce a system where mod makers could put their creations up for sale is dead in the water just a couple of days after it was introduced. Last week Valve announced that creations in the Skyrim workshop would be able to charge a fee for use, with the creator taking a […]

[Not Massive] Criticism Mounting of Paid Mods Program

[Update]: Tripwire Interactive has expressly forbidden the use of paid mods in its EULA for Killing Floor 2. Your Mods must be distributed for free, period. Neither you, nor any other person or party, may sell them to anyone, commercially exploit them in any way, or charge anyone for receiving or using them without prior […]

Video of the Now: Skywind Development

Today’s video comes from a team of developers working on taking Morrowing and remaking it using the Skyrim engine. The mod team of more than 70 is looking to go further than a simple port, adding in voice acting and sprucing up an otherwise dated and barren game world with more scenery. Check out the […]