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Planetside 2 Playstation 4 Beta In 2014

Sony Online Entertainment took some time to speak about Planetside 2 at this year’s SOE Live. While they can’t promise anything, the goal is to have a beta version of Planetside 2’s Playstation 4 version available to players by the end of the year. The PC version is still on track for its regular updates, […]


Dark Elves And Class Reveals For Everquest Next

Sony Online Entertainment has revealed new details on Everquest Next at SOE Live. Development on Everquest Next continues alongside Landmark, with feedback from the community in Landmark fueling development of the full MMO. The Dark Elves were the latest race to be revealed today, showing off gothic-themed architecture¬†and dark landscapes. Alongside the new race, SOE […]

DC Universe Online Comes To Southeast Asia

Gamers in Southeast Asia have been waiting patiently to get their hands on the superhero MMO known only as DC Universe Online, and their wait is finally over. Sony Online Entertainment partnered with Asiasoft to bring¬†the MMO brawler to Southeast Asia, where players were able to take part in a closed beta period from the […]

Sony Online Entertainment and ProSiebenSat Parting Ways

Sony Online Entertainment’s deal to turn European customers over to publisher ProSiebenSat has been, how do you put this lightly, a complete disaster. The move left SOE’s European customers feeling like second class citizens, managed by a company with no experience in gaming other than running cheap browser titles. The end result, a whole lot […]

H1Z1 CS Items Lootable, In A Sense

With all of the hubbub about H1Z1 and the prospects of free to play and pay to win, John Smedley took to the game’s official subreddit to explain just how the game’s cash shop will work. Players will be able to buy wearables which can be looted by others upon death, in a manner of […]

Surprise: SOE’s New MMO Is A Zombie Sandbox

Surprise! We’ve known this is coming since Sony Online Entertainment first registered a trademark for H1Z1, but the cat is finally out of the bag. SOE officially announced H1Z1, a zombie sandbox MMO set to release its first public-playable version within the next four to six weeks. The game will see players scavenging stores and […]

Everquest 15 Year Anniversary Graphic

Sony Online Entertainment has released an infographic detailing just how technology and the internet has progressed since Everquest launched in 1999, not to mention detailing a decade and a half of the franchise’s achievements. Do you remember when hard drives cost $25 per gigabyte? I do.

John Smedley Defends Curt Schilling

Those of you who read MMO Fallout know that I have quite a lot of respect for SOE’s John Smedley. The guy isn’t perfect and no one would doubt that there are plenty of mistakes made in Sony’s past, but the guy has a tendency to spell it out as it is and be as […]

Everquest Landmark Drops 32-bit OS Support

Gamers looking forward to seeing Everquest Next Landmark on 32-bit operating systems can officially put their dreams to rest. Dave Georgeson posted on Twitter today to announce that there will be no 32-bit version of the game. Another News Flash: Landmark is going to have to be a 64-bit OS game *only*. We are going […]

Is Sony’s New MMO A Zombie Game?

John Smedley is a man after my own heart, because what would be better for the company heavily invested in everything that SOE is doing other than to announce yet another MMO? We know from Smedley’s Twitter that there is definitely an MMO in the works, one that is dedicated to Star Wars Galaxies fans, […]