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H1Z1 To Launch On PS4 August 7

Daybreak Game Company announced this week that H1Z1, the formerly zombie-based survival shooter turned Battle Royale title, will be launching on Playstation 4 officially on August 7. Upon launch, the game will officially become free to play and introduce a bevvy of new content including two new weapons, a new vehicle, season one of the […]


Feeding the Rumor Mill: Playstation Now and the Possible Downloads

Playstation Now is Sony’s streaming games service and answer to the lack of backwards compatibility from the Playstation 4 to the Playstation 3, its subscription service allowing you to play titles from the PS4, PS3, and PS2 on your PS4 or PC. All this for $20 a month. In another life, Playstation Now had the […]

H1Z1 Strikes 1.5 Million Playstation 4 Systems

H1Z1 has officially hit the Playstation 4 and in the 24 hours since open beta began more than 1.5 million players have downloaded the game to their system. “This is an incredible milestone and we want to thank all of our player who helped make this possible,” said H1Z1 Producer Terrence Yee. “We believe we’ve […]

FTC Warns Console Manufacturers: Your Warranties Are Illegal, Change Them

The Federal Trade Commission has issued a warning to console manufacturers: Your warranties are illegal and must be altered within 30 days. The letters were sent to all three console manufacturers: Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo along with Hyundai, HTC, and Asus according to a Freedom of Information request sent by Vice. The FTC warning is […]

Sony Starts Automatic Refunds For Marvel Heroes Omega

MMO Fallout can confirm via Sony that purchases from Marvel Heroes Omega will be automatically refunded going back to August 17. Users affected by this should be receiving an automatic message similar to the one above soon if they haven’t already, confirming that their accounts will be credited. As stated in the above message, purchases […]

[Humor] Broadsword Games Plagiarizes Sony’s Terms of Service

It isn’t too unsurprising to see a smaller game developer plagiarize a larger company’s legal agreements, but it is hilarious when they forget to take out key words such as the company’s name. MMO Fallout has been covering these incidences since way back in 2010 with Quest Online stealing the fourth pillar speech from Bioware, […]

Overwatch: Square Enix And Sony To Face Off

Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda and president of Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia Atsushi Morita will be squaring off in the battlefield later this week. As reported by our friends over at MMO Culture, the heads of both developers will be putting together their own teams of six to fight it out in Overwatch (presumably […]

Neverwinter Hits Playstation 4 On July 19th

Perfect World Entertainment has announced that Neverwinter will be releasing on Playstation 4 on July 19th. The game will be available to early access users on July 12th with the purchase of a $20 Onyx Head Start Pack, with everyone else gaining access a week later. The Playstation 4 edition will work all content from […]

[Less Massive] Playstation Mobile Shutting Down September 10th

Sony Computer Entertainment has announced that support for Playstation Mobile will be ending later this year. In an email sent out earlier today, customers have been notified that Sony will cease distributing content on the Playstation Mobile app on July 15, with full support for the platform ceasing on September 10th. Content purchased off of the […]

Sony Caps Fraud Refund At $150, Threatens To Ban Victim

Sony is coming under some heavy fire after an account was stolen and used to rack up substantial charges, only to offer to reimburse a small portion of those funds. User Kadjar on Reddit noticed that his account was compromised when multiple purchase confirmations began popping up in his email. Acting quickly to remove on-file credit […]