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Korea Halts Facebook Microtransactions

Way back in 2011, I talked about the Games Rating Board in South Korea, and how the government organization was investigating certain video games to determine whether or not the virtual lotteries were in violation of the country’s strict anti-gambling laws. Fast forward to 2014, and South Korean gamers woke up to find that many […]


Blizzard Being Investigated In Korea Over Diablo III Refund Refusals

Gaming return policies are a double edged sword. You can’t return games because, on one hand the policy stops people from burning the games to a disk and simply returning them. On the other hand, and this goes equally for digital downloads, if the game is broken or unplayable at a fundamental (the game on […]

Nexon, Hanbitsoft, NCsoft Block Korean Probe Into Gambling

You’ve most likely heard of “jackpot items,” even if you aren’t entirely familiar with the term itself. These items cost real money and only offer the chance at a high level piece of equipment, usually a very slim chance at that. I’ve been rather critical of jackpot items in the past, I’ve referred to them […]

Bots? In My Asian MMO?

Asian MMOs live and die like rats. They appear quickly, populate an area with many of their clone offspring, and several years down the line it becomes difficult, nay impossible, to get one of the major gaming publications to even take a passing glance at that carcass in the streets, other than to pinch their […]