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[NM] Assassin’s Creed Forums Struck By Trolling Over Skin Color

If you’re looking to rustle some jimmies or meme it up on the Assassin’s Creed Origin forums, you might want to think twice or risk the wrath of some overworked, twitchy moderators. The forums are undergoing an apparent fumigation after they were targeted by a collective of trolls and angry gamers responding to so-called “blackwashing,” […]


Retro Computers LTD Melts Down, Spams its Indiegogo Page

The saga of Retro Computers LTD and the ZX Spectrum Vega Plus continues. If you haven’t read our previous coverage, you can do so here. While RCL has consistently responded to angry backers in an unprofessional manner, mostly by sending out social media admins to agitate the masses, the company finally began responding on Indiegogo […]

DigiHom Update: Tons of Games Disappear From Greenlight

[Update: Several errors have been fixed or clarified in bold below. MMO Fallout apologizes for the inconvenience] Digital Homicide’s James Romine may be throwing a temper tantrum right now, and for good reason: Close to two dozen of his games have been removed from Steam. We’ve been covering Digital Homicide filling its Greenlight queue up […]

Falling Out #16: Cheap Gold, Fast Delivery, RaiderZ

RaiderZ would be a great place to chat, if you could over the mass gold spam in the first main city.

My Account Is Locked A Lot

I started playing World of Warcraft again several months ago (and quit again after playing for a month and a half), and unfortunately I had to contact support over the phone to get some assistance. I found that, even at off-peak hours, the support queue was full enough that it required me to call back […]

Well Played, Sir. Clever Spam?

It’s always good to have some form of anti-spam protection on your blog/website especially if, like me, you find yourself being taken into flattery, however genuine, a little too easily. For example, if it weren’t for theĀ intercessionĀ of Akismet, I likely would not have looked past: Hey great website, you really know your stuff. Definitely adding […]

False Positives Happen: The Response Is What Counts

Good morning/day folks, A couple of threads on this topic appeared during the night and rather than replying to each one of them I thought I’d create a new one. We have, as you know, recently banned a large number of users for violating our User Agreement. If you found yourself unable to log in […]