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Star Vault Partners With Sky eSports in India

Star Vault AB today announced that it is partnering with Sky eSports to license Mortal Royale in the Indian market. The license will run for 48 months with Star Vault taking 30% of net revenues accrued within the country. Mortal Royale is the battle royale spinoff to Star Vault’s open world MMO Mortal Online. “We […]

Star Vault Announces Mortal Online 2 As Mortal Royale Dies On Steam

Star Vault this week announced Mortal Online 2, the sequel/reboot of the sandbox PvP MMORPG. According to CEO Henrik Nystrom, “We are proud of what we have achieved with Mortal, a game with little in the way of close competition. But technology has moved on and the time has come to upgrade to UE4.with much […]

Star Vault Latest To Jump On Battle Royale Bandwagon: Mortal Royale

Mortal Online is the latest to join the Battle Royale bandwagon, with Star Vault announcing the “coming soon” release of Mortal Royale. That said, if Star Vault is going to achieve its dream of a game where 1,000 players are duking it out on the battlefield, they’re going to need a leg up in terms […]

Star Vault’s Q2 Report: Sales Down, Profit Up

Star Vault has released their financial results for the second quarter of 2015 and the news isn’t all bad. Net sales for the quarter dropped ten thousand dollars over last quarter, from sixty eight thousand down to fifty eight thousand. While net profit is still in the red, it has been steadily climbing for the past five […]

Star Vault Posts Higher Q1 Earnings

Star Vault has released their first quarter sales for 2015, and the results are rather positive. While sales are down from where they were last year, net sales increased over the fourth quarter to $68 thousand. Likewise, Star Vault’s net loss fell substantially from over $100 thousand in Q4 to $61 thousand this quarter. According […]

Mortal Online Releasing Sarducca Continent Sunday

Star Vault has announced the release of Sarducca, Mortal Online’s next continent, for this Sunday May 17th. The update goes live during maintenance in the morning (Swedish time) and will be monitored throughout the day for any unexpected bugs. CEO Henrik Nystrom revealed that more content for Sarducca is already on the way. I want […]

Mortal Online Hit By Another Hack

Star Vault is assuring players that payment data has not been stolen in what appears to be a breach of Mortal Online’s servers. Servers for the MMO were shut down after players noticed alterations to in-game menus, text changes, and strange dialogue shouted by town crier NPCs. The website is down as of this writing, […]

Star Vault 2014 Finance: Sales Down, Profit Up

Star Vault has released their fourth quarter finances for the 2014 year and the results are not all bad. While net sales fell for the second quarter in a row, down to $57 thousand, net profit dipped slightly more out of the red at $109 thousand below. This year Star Vault made advances toward release […]

Star Vault Q3 Report Shows Revenue Growth

Star Vault has released their Q3 2014 finances, and the results are slightly positive. The first quarter brought a dramatic shift in both sales and profit, and while operations have returned to normal the current quarter showed a small increase in profits over the previous. Net sales for the third quarter amounted to $72 thousand over […]

Star Vault Profits Continue To Drop In Q2

Star Vault has posted their second quarter finances for 2014 and the results are not pretty. Net sales amounted to approximately seventy thousand dollars, down over 30% under the one hundred five thousand in the first quarter. Net profit, meanwhile, took a nearly 80% dive down to one hundred fifty two thousand in the red […]

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