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Battlefront II Getting Panned Over Pay To Win Elements

Star Wars: Battlefront II just recently launched its open beta, and it is getting panned by critics and users alike over pay to win elements present in the game. With the latest title in the Battlefront franchise, EA/Dice decided to go down the route of loot boxes as the main source of secondary income, tying […]

SWTOR Knocks Out Massive Credit Selling Ring

The Old Republic crew has busted up a credit selling ring spanning hundreds of accounts, taking billions of credits out of the economy and ensuring that Han Solo will never be able to pay back Jabba. Last week, we took action against an entire selling ring. Over multiple weeks, we investigated and compiled evidence about […]

Diaries From The Old Republice: Fly Me To Coruscant

Let’s get one thing out of the way: I haven’t played The Old Republic in a very, very long time. Before strongholds, before legacy, before achievements, before just about any of that stuff. I think I might have logged in once or twice after the game went free to play, but aside from that all […]

The Old Republic Expansion Drops Talent Trees

Bioware is looking to shake up The Old Republic with update 3.0, introducing the new discipline system. The discipline system will replace the skill trees, removing the idea of receiving skill points to buy powers as you level up. Instead, players will choose between three disciplines per advanced class, receiving passive and active abilities automatically […]

The Old Republic: Largest Story Expansion Since Hutt Cartel

The latest blog post for Star Wars: The Old Republic is all about future content. Now that the Hutt Cartel has been stopped on Makeb, the Dread Masters taken down a notch, what will the Republic and Sith have to do other than continue beating the tar out of each other? The answer is a […]

The Old Republic No Longer Considered Canon

The Old Republic officially never happened. According to a surprise announcement by Lucasfilm, only the six films and Clone Wars show are considered canon going forward. All of the comic books, video games, and stories are now considered “legends” in the Star Wars lore, and will still be available for purchase despite no longer being […]

Player Housing Comes To The Old Republic

Bioware has revealed that housing is coming to The Old Republic. Not much has been revealed so far in terms of details, but the trailer below shows an apartment with a house droid, mailbox, and other effects laying around. Whether or not this has to do with Bioware’s announcement earlier this year of massive updates […]

MMOrning Shots: Blooming Good Fun

Today’s MMOrning Shots comes to us from the upcoming JJ Abrams Star Wars film: Star Wars Episode VII: The Lens Flare Strikes Back. In reality, it is a screenshot from Bioware’s upcoming expansion to Star Wars: The Old Republic, also known as Galactic Starfighter. Releasing this winter, Galactic Starfighter is a digital expansion focusing solely […]

Rise of the Hutt Cartel Free For Subscribers

Active subscribers to The Old Republic who haven’t yet purchased Rise of the Hutt Cartel are in luck. In an announcement on the official website, Bioware has announced that the expansion will be free for subscribers beginning September 12th. Subscribers who already own the expansion will receive an exclusive title, “The Risen,” as well as […]

Monday Night Cap: EA Uses The Force

After hearing that Electronic Arts has scored an exclusive license to develop and publish Star Wars games, I’m guessing at least some of you had an expression comparable to the one above. “This agreement demonstrates our commitment to creating quality game experiences that drive the popularity of the Star Wars franchise for years to come,” said Disney […]