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Greenlight Fraudsters: Asset-Flip Developer Dentola Studios Files Bogus Copyright Claim

Fraudster: 2a:  a person who is not what he or she pretends to be :impostor; Dentola Studios is a shady indie developer peddling premade Unity store projects and trying to sell them via Steam Greenlight. How do I know this for a fact? Because the photo above and the photo below are both the exact […]

[Community] How Valve Can Make Steam Direct (Closer To) Perfect

Steam Greenlight, the process through which developers pay $100 to gain access to submit their games for players to vote to sell on the platform, is going away. In its place is Steam Direct, a process through which developers will be able to pay a per-game fee to guarantee access to the store front. The […]

Valve Kills Steam Greenlight, Implementing Steam Direct

Steam Greenlight, has been both applauded and derided, as a method for small developers to find a platform to make money and as an easily gamed portal through which Steam has turned into a dumping ground for Unity asset flips and actual money laundering schemes. On one hand, the change seems to be mostly cosmetic, […]

[NM] 100% Completion: Tattletail

Tattletail came out on Steam on December 28 and pretty much flew under the radar until a bunch of Youtubers discovered it and made it somewhat a success (I’m sure it more than paid its development costs and probably put a decent amount of pocket money in the developer’s…pockets). Looking at the Steam stats, it […]

[NM] Valve Cuts Off Another Shady Developer Over Fake Reviews

In a world where curation on Steam Greenlight is virtually nonexistent, shady developers seem to be getting more and more prevalent. Introduce Matan Cohen’s Studio, an indie developer consisting of two people (one of whom is probably named Matan Cohen) who released the game Art of Stealth. It wasn’t well received by a lot of people, with […]

Space Truckers Caught Stealing Sprites From Numerous Games

Space Truckers is a relatively new game to Steam, having just launched on November 23. If the community has anything to say about it, its life span on the service will be short and possibly end in legal action. Available for the low, low price of $19.99, currently on sale at 10% off, you can […]

Abandonware Asteroids: Outpost Yanked From Steam

Asteroids: Outpost was the subject of an Early Access Fraudster article back in March, I pointed out that the game had been abandoned by its developer (Salty Games) with no comment by its publisher (Atari, yes that Atari). As an online only game, the fact that the Asteroids servers had evidently been offline since November (as […]

Daybreak Game Company Promises Support For H1Z1: Just Survive

Ever since Daybreak Game Company split H1Z1 into its two parts, players of the environmentally focused Just Survive have grown pretty frustrated over a perceived lack of support. It wouldn’t surprise many to hear that King of the Kill has been receiving the bulk of DGC’s attention, especially when you consider that the game draws […]

Digital Homicide’s Business Destroyed, Lawsuit Against Steam Users Ends

The lawsuit by James Romine against 100 unknown Steam users has come to an end. A few days ago, Romine filed a motion for extension of time or dismissal without prejudice, effectively asking the court to either grant him more time or to kill the case until a future date. The reason, as stated in […]

Akaneiro Appears To Be Dead, Customer Support Closed

ARPG Akaneiro is offline and Spicy Horse Games has shut down, at least that’s how it appears if you have tried to play their games recently. Users attempting to log into Akaneiro are finding that the servers are not responding, and neither is Spicy Horse’s customer support, who are auto-responding to support tickets with the […]