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Steam Introduces Updated Filtering, Adult Only Games

Several months after announcing impending changes to its storefront, Valve this week implemented a number of changes to Steam to alter what players see and what they can opt to ignore. First and foremost, the upcoming release list is being changed to “take into account the pre-release interest in a game — that is to […]


PSA: Shadowrun Returns Free Until Saturday

The Steam Summer Sale might be bumping, but right now you can get your hands on the isometric game Shadowrun Returns for the virtually free price of $0. Available via the Humble Store and delivered as a Steam key, the Shadowrun Returns Deluxe Edition still retails for $25 and includes the base game as well […]

Jagex Begins Selling Extra Bank Spaces In Cash Shop

File this one under undermining your own values. A good long time ago I reported that Jagex was considering adding an authenticator-style security dongle to RuneScape, an idea that was scrapped after community backlash over a very simple perk. In order to encourage people to buy the dongle, Jagex wanted to offer a small expansion […]

Final Fantasy XIV Back On Shelves in WalMart

Back in November, I reported that Target and WalMart had pulled Final Fantasy XIV from store shelves, opting instead to only sell the game on their respective websites. I didn’t want to get into too much speculation at the time, as regular gaming stores (Best Buy, Gamestop, etc) were still stocking the title. Over the […]