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Nontroversial: Secret World Legends and the Unsurprising Subscription

Subscribing to Secret World Legends is a subscription that automatically renews like a subscription. This statement may be obvious to anyone who has subscribed to a game, a newspaper, or television service, but for some reason it needs to be reiterated when talking about Secret World Legends. The community has been in a bit of […]

Twitch Prime Offers RuneScape Goodies For April

Amazon Prime subscribers, among their other perks, enjoy access to Twitch Prime, a service that offers free channel subscriptions in addition to other monthly goods. This month, Twitch has partnered with Jagex to hand out a month of free membership and a few other bonuses. Log in to Twitch between April 11th and May 8th […]

TERA Sweetens The Deal: More Stuff For Subscribers

En Masse Entertainment wants to sweeten the deal with TERA’s subscriber rewards, and will be offering 15 daily EMP to elite subscribers. That’s 450 EMP per month assuming you log in every day and the month happens to have thirty days in it (your month mileage may vary). If you don’t play TERA, our referencing […]

Defiance Introduces Loot Karma For Patrons

  The Neo Votanis began this week and runs through October 10th, but there is more to do than simply knocking about the Shrill and Neo Votanis Front. Trion Worlds is looking to reward Patrons with armfuls of loot courtesy of the new Paradise Karma system. Paradise Karma is simple. Complete┬áMajor Arkfall events or┬ápurchase Synergy […]

Champions Online Lifetime Subscription 33% Off

Champions Online lifetime subscriptions are on sale once again. From now until July 18th, you can get your hands on this deal for $200 from the regular price of $300. Lifetime subscription provides a lifetime (their life, not yours) of members benefits, including premium archetypes, travel powers, costume sets, and a 500 Zen monthly stipend. […]

[Community] Amazon’s Ridiculous and Inconsistent Prime-Gating

Before we begin, let me just get this out of the way and say that I am an Amazon Prime customer and am very happy with my service. Now on to the article. Amazon has caused plenty of ruffled feathers and heads scratched in confusion with a very odd and inconsistent new scheme to sell […]

Nab TERA Elite, Lock In Your Subscription Price

If you were gearing up to subscribe to TERA, now may just be the best time to do so. En Masse Entertainment has announced that subscription prices for the action MMO will be coming down to a mere $10.99 for the next twelve days. To sweeten the deal, anyone who signs on while the sale […]

Jagex Unveils RuneMetrics, Paid Stat Tracking

In the Behind the Scenes for February, Jagex officially unveiled a new stat tracking service coming to RuneScape this month. Named RuneMetrics, the service is advertised to log a wide variety of player actions, giving in-depth details on how efficiently the player is training, what they are collection, and how much damage they are dealing […]

Grab Free Daily Veteran Bonus On Heroes & Generals

Heroes & Generals is celebrating Thanksgiving with a membership giveaway. All you have to do is log in each day between November 26th and November 29th to receive one free code every day for the duration of the event. Each code is good for twenty four hours of veteran membership, delivered via in-game mail and […]

Wildstar Recalls Point Toward Impending Changes

EB Games and JB Hi-Fi have been ordered to recall all copies of Wildstar from shelves in Australia, increasing the likelihood that the game is in the process of either changing its subscription model or shutting down entirely. As of this publishing. Wildstar is still available for purchase from the official website, as well as […]