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Chaturday: The Jack Thompson Reboot

This Chaturday I want to talk about Jack Thompson, because as we all know Hollywood and that means endless reboots and sequels of franchises, the kind we wish would have gone away after the last sequel flubbed in theaters. The Jack Thompson reboot comes nearly ten years after the film franchise ended what was an […]


Defiance Updates Continues Plague Storyline

Defiance will be updated today to continue the plague storyline. A mysterious Irathi disease is quickly spreading, and the Ark Hunters have been tasked with tracking down a cure before it spreads too far. Players will take charge of finding the cure before it reaches the television town of Defiance, where June 17th’s episode will […]

MMOrning Shots: Defying Cancellation

Good news for the Defiance television show is good news for the Defiance MMO, and the news is good. Syfy has announced that Defiance will be renewed for a second season, so those of you afraid that Defiance might have been looking toward an early end can breath a sigh of relief. MMOrning Shots is […]