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Twitch Prime Members Get Sweet TERA Console Loot

TERA is live on Xbox and Playstation (provided you purchase a founder pack) an En Masse Entertainment has partnered with Twitch to offer a pack for Prime members. Log in to Twitch between March 27 and April 9 and pick up a code for a TERA pack usable on either console. Violette, a pet dragonette […]


TERA Hits Consoles April 3

En Masse Entertainment announced today the official launch date for TERA on Playstation and Xbox: April 3. If you’re not willing to wait until April to get into the servers, you can pick up a founder’s pack and start as early as Tuesday, March 27. Founder’s packs include EMP, mounts, pets, titles, and elite status, […]

Level In TERA, Unlock Another Character Slot

TERA’s latest class is here, the male brawler, and they’re giving people a reason to log back in and give him a chance. The male brawler carries the same fighting capabilities as his female counterpart. To mark the occasion, En Masse Entertainment is hosting a series of events. Log in between March 13 and 20 […]

TERA Joins the Fight Against Breast Cancer

En Masse Entertainment has unveiled the Pink Power Bundle, a limited promotion in TERA to help spread breast cancer awareness. The bundle is only available until November 1, and contains a small handful of goods to show off your charitable ways. TERA’s Pink Power Bundle sells for $14.95, with 100% net proceeds going toward the […]

TERA Sweetens The Deal: More Stuff For Subscribers

En Masse Entertainment wants to sweeten the deal with TERA’s subscriber rewards, and will be offering 15 daily EMP to elite subscribers. That’s 450 EMP per month assuming you log in every day and the month happens to have thirty days in it (your month mileage may vary). If you don’t play TERA, our referencing […]

TERA Sees Huge Number Spikes Thanks To Steam

As surprising as it may sound, releasing on Steam can do wonders for a game’s community, as European publisher Gameforge and developer Bluehole Studios found out following the successful rollout of TERA on the digital distribution service. Since its launch, TERA has remained in the top 30 list of free to play games. According to […]

Nab TERA Elite, Lock In Your Subscription Price

If you were gearing up to subscribe to TERA, now may just be the best time to do so. En Masse Entertainment has announced that subscription prices for the action MMO will be coming down to a mere $10.99 for the next twelve days. To sweeten the deal, anyone who signs on while the sale […]

TERA Freeing Up Names June 25th

En Masse Entertainment has announced a name purge on all characters that have been inactive since June 25, 2014. All affected characters will have a “_1” added to their handles so that new players have more choice when creating characters. If you have characters whose names you want to keep, but haven’t logged into TERA […]

TERA Getting Region Locked On Steam Tomorrow

En Masse Entertainment has announced that, due to pressure from foreign publishers, a region restriction will be enforced on Steam downloads of TERA. The affected regions include “certain European countries and Russia.” While players from these regions will be able to use the game, the Steam store page and download will no longer be accessible, […]

TERA Sees Population Boost After Steam Launch

TERA is celebrating a boom in traffic, both from the recent launch on Steam and release of the new gunner class. While the team at En Masse Entertainment has increased server capacity over the past month, heavy population has resulted in queues during peak times. To move the population around, a new PvE server will […]