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The Division 2 Snubs Steam For The Epic Game Store

  The Division 2 is the latest title to be poached by Epic Games, as the news broke today that the title will not be released on Steam but will instead be exclusive to the Epic Store and Ubisoft’s own UPlay platform. Set for release on March 15, The Division 2 is the sequel to […]

The Division: Survivor Expansion Now Testing

Why wait for the blizzard to hit New York City when you can play The Division and experience it right now? Ubisoft’s second expansion for The Division is playable now, on the public test server, and will remain up until November 13th. In this new expansion, players will face extreme conditions after their chopper is […]

The Division Hops On Board The Perma-Ban Train

With Ubisoft announcing just a few days ago that it would be banning permanently banning cheaters in Rainbow Six Siege, the idea that The Division would follow suit was merely an inevitability. In no surprising motion, the developer has announced that the zero-tolerance policy will indeed be making its way to the streets of Manhattan […]

[Column] Is The Division The Good Guy?

I don’t think the Division are the good guys. If you’ve been hiding under a rock, The Division takes place following a biological terrorist attack on Black Friday in New York City, where terrorists use money infected with a virus to kill a lot of people. The Division is a government organization that only shows […]

The Division Is Slamming Amazon’s Best Seller List

With The Division’s launch just a few days away, it shouldn’t be too surprising that the title is ranking high on Amazon’s best seller list. The Playstation 4 standard version is the second best selling game on the list so far, outranked only by the recently released Twilight Princess remake on Nintendo WiiU. The Xbox […]

The Division Played By 6.4 Million This Weekend

The Division’s beta this weekend set new records for beta traffic on a new IP on current generation system. All in all, 6.4 million people took part over the weekend on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The number trounces Destiny’s previously held beta record of 4.6 million, albeit with the knowledge that Destiny came out […]

Screenshots: The Division In Beta

Today’s Screenshots comes from The Division beta on PC. If you do manage to get into the beta before it ends today, you’ll receive an exclusive item that will unlock once the game goes live on March 8th. For everyone else, The Division is available for pre-order on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Check out […]

Rumored Division Open Beta Is True, Coming February 18th

Last week’s rumors of an open beta coming for The Division have proven true, as Ubisoft has announced that gamers on Xbox, PC, and PS3 will be able to get in and play in just about a week and a half. Xbox One players will have a one day bonus, gaining access on February 18th […]

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